Jet Stores Catalogue Face Masks 22 June 2020

Mask up with awesome designs of Jet Stores Catalogue Face Masks 22 June 2020! These are an auxiliary product against the virus. It does not provide protection alone. A facial mask is an auxiliary product to protect against viruses and bacteria. Thanks to the filtering inside, it helps to prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses outside and in the environment by breathing.

Masks are slightly loosely attached, covering the nose and mouth. It is designed for one-way protection, they are used to prevent particles that can spread from the wearer. It can prevent the transmission of particles that may spread from the person wearing the mask to other people. In other words, these masks should be worn by those who are at risk of infectiousness or by those who are sick to protect intact people. There is no protection for the user.

Product details from Jet Stores Catalogue Face Masks 22 June 2020;

  • Suitable for Daily Use.
  • You should wash it at the end of Daily Use.
  • It does not cause breathing problems.
  • foldable
  • It prevents the bad bacteria in
    the environment from getting to you through breathing.

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