Lewis Catalogue 27 Jun – 2 Jul 2022

Price up to 50% OFF Smash can be browsable on Lewis Catalogue 27 June 2022! Many comfortable and trendy furniture, appliances, home electronics and much more are featured on this Lewis Catalogue. You shouldn’t miss these fair prices to buy your needs at low prices!

Lewis Catalogue 27 June 2022;

Furniture is an important piece that contributes to its decoration with an aesthetic touch. Therefore, choosing the right furniture is of great importance for users who like to reflect their style in their living spaces and pay attention to every detail.

If you want to enrich your living space with quality and useful furniture, you can browse through the wide variety of designs offered to your liking in this Lewis Catalogue. And easily discover beautiful alternatives. Thus, you will both work for you and complete the decoration of your home in the most elegant way!

In the Lewis Furniture collection, a large number of options are waiting for you that will fit perfectly with different tastes and interior designs. These designs in which original designs come to life with quality materials and master craftsmanship are appreciated with their useful structures, while adding value to your living space with their unique elegance.

There are extremely stylish products that can be used in many areas of the house, from dining rooms to living rooms, from living rooms to bedrooms. These products meet you as quality and comfortable pieces. By browsing all these products, you can easily discover the most suitable options for your needs and your home. You can beautify your home with Lewis quality and assurance.

You can browse this catalog to get more information about furniture details and review detailed product photos. Also, order the models you like and find suitable for your home at any time from the store. If you want to see the models more closely and browse them on site, you can visit Lewis Stores.

Lewis Catalogue This Week;

  • Romeo Pillow Top 137cm Bed Set, R3999 (SAVE R2000)
  • Elizabeth MK3 2-Piece Bedroom Suite, R4999 (SAVE R2000)
  • Kelvinator 20kg Dark Twin Tub, R4499 (SAVE R1500)
  • Omeaga 32 inch LED TV, R2499 (SAVE R1500)
  • Donna Sleigh Bed with Pedestals, R3999 (SAVE R1500)
  • Jessie Brown 2-Seater Couch, R1999 (SAVE R1000)
  • Abby ABC Robe, R1999 (SAVE R1500)
  • Lolita 7-Piece Dining Room Suite, R7999 (SAVE R3000)
  • Kelvinator 350-267l Fridge, R5999 (SAVE R3000)
  • Reece 1-Room Comforter Set, R899 (SAVE R1300)
  • Milano Plasma Unit, R1499 (SAVE R1500)
  • Kelvinaor 4-Plate Compact Stove, R3299 (SAVE R1000)
  • AIWA 42″ LED TV, R4999 (SAVE R1500)
  • Sinotec 32″ LED TV, R3999 (SAVE R1000)
  • Bennet Kitchen Scheme, R5999 (SAVE R3000)
  • Sealy Posture Premier Harrier Night 152cm Bed Set, R5999 (SAVE R2500)
  • Alaska Corner Chaise MK2 Lounge Suite, R6999 (SAVE R3000)
  • Kelvinator 18kg Metallic Top Loader, R7999 (SAVE R3000)


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