Makro Specials Automotive Sale 23 Aug – 6 Sep 2021

Makro Specials Automotive 23 August 2021 promises savings up to R1500 on the best automotive needs this week! Dozens of essentials are waiting for you at new reasonable prices! Check these products and find your needs! Especially, you should focus on the cover page!

Makro Specials Automotive Sale 2021

People who love their vehicle and care about its maintenance should use suitable materials. In order for each vehicle to adapt to different weather and environmental conditions, it should be cleaned at certain periods. Many problems occur in vehicles that are not maintained and cleaned. The most important of these problems is the neglected appearance. The vehicle soon looks old and dirty. Maintaining it is necessary not only in terms of visual aesthetics, but also from a technical point of view. Auto care materials allow the vehicle to show high performance.

Many types of auto care kits are available in the this Makro Catalogue. The product options that can be applied to the interior or exterior of the vehicle are specially produced. In this way, it can be applied in many areas from the seat to the wheel. You can also review the maintenance and cleaning products of your vehicle from the Makro Specials. Thanks to the economical and safe shopping opportunity, you will have the opportunity to have a satisfying experience.

Makro Specials This Week;

  • Karcher K7 Smart Control High-Pressure Cleaner, R9999
  • 473 ml Gold Class Car Shampoo & Conditioner, R159
  • 710 ml Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner, R349
  • 473 ml Endurance Tyre Protectant, R299
  • 400 ml Gold Class Leather Cleaner & Conditioner, R299
  • 473 ml Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax, R449
  • Two-Step Headlight Restoration Kit, R799
  • Shield 110W 230mm Orbital Polisher, R799
  • Karcher K3 High-Pressure Cleaner, R2299
  • 500 ml Dash & Glass Interior Cleaner, R199
  • 500 ml Tyre & Bumper Gel, R149
  • 100 ml Odor – X Whole Car Blast, R99
  • 500 ml Colour Magic Wax, R199
  • 1400 ml Interior 1, R149
  • 207ml Stratch Repair & Renew, R199
  • 2.5 L Hybrid Snow Foam Shampoo, R349
  • Bennett Read 4-in-1 High Pressure Cleaner, R2799
  • Bennett Read IND200 Induction Pressure Washer, R4299
  • 400 ml Tyre Gloss, R49
  • 5 L Splash Wash Plus Wax Car Shampoo, R99
  • Microfibre All Purpose Cloths, R100
  • Rislone 680 Head Gasket Fix, R799
  • Wynn’s 375 ml Diesel Injector & Turbo Cleaner, R109
  • Castrol 5l Edge 5W-40, R599
  • Medium Deluxe Car-Cool, R129
  • Optimate Battery Charger / Maintainer, R899
  • RYOBI Cordless 18v High-Pressure Cleaner, R1999

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