Makro Specials LG Catalogue 28 June 2020

Create a healthier and more comfortable home with  Next-Gen items from Makro Specials LG Catalogue 28 June 2020! Washing Machine, fridge, dryer, microwave and many more can be browsable here! Let’s check out this Makro Catalogue and discover the latest LG Products!

LG generally has a wide range of products. You will find that there is more than one type of fridge, even just looking at fridge models. The wardrobe type fridge, designed for large families, is available in many different volumes depending on the need. Apart from this, there are also models with top freezer or bottom freezer in line with your wishes and desires. Side-by-side Fridge models offer very practical opportunities for those who want to see what is inside the fridge without opening the door.

There is the same diversity for washing machines, which are among LG home appliances models. In addition to the standard washing machines, LG also produces models that incorporate practical technologies. The first of these stands out as the TwinWash washing machine. Buyers of LG branded TwinWash washing machines have a product with two different washing features at the same time. This means that two different laundry groups such as color and white can be washed at the same time. This provides a practical use to its users, while at the same time offering the opportunity to save time. Apart from that, the brand also finds models of solo washing machines.

Makro Specials LG Catalogue 28 June 2020;

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