Mr Price Catalogue 1 June 2020

Explore the new product range of Mr Price Catalogue 1 June 2020! With the arrival of the winter months, winter accessories such as stylish coats, the most trendy boots, sweaters, leather jackets, scarves are beginning to enter our lives. For those who follow the 2020 winter fashion closely and want to dress in accordance with the latest trends, Mr Price offers the most trending products of the best brands. Enjoy your shopping with Mr Price, the pioneer of shopping, do not miss the opportunities!

Standing out with its designs and attractive price options, Mr Price continues to be the center of attention of female consumers. You can find a variety of clothes that allow you to create or change your own style at Mr Price, which offers alternative models. Black long dress models consist of nice designs that you can use both in social life and office life. They offer you dress models that you will feel happy and wear during the day.

Here are a stylish and trendy selection from Mr Price Catalogue 1 June 2020! Let’s take a look at all the pages, and view awesome Mr Price Specials. If you want to see more deals, products or store catalogues, you can visit the main page! Also, you can subscribe to popular brands in South Africa with your email! And follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


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