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Samsung S22 Ultra Review;

Samsung has placed an S Pen slot on the bottom edge of the S22 Ultra, just like the Note series phones. Like the Note 20 Ultra, the S Pen, which we know from the latest Note phone, is here with its increased responsiveness and speed. The Bluetooth supported S Pen can be used not only for writing or drawing, but also for remote control of the phone. There are note taking when the screen is off, the Contactless command window that appears when you take the pen out of its slot, and the tools offered.

Similarities between Note+ and S22 Ultra

The features we know from the previous Note series phones are still available. Converting handwriting to plain text has been improved, as well as the possibility to export a full-screen image of a website as a note to the Samsung Notes application. There is also the possibility of syncing the notes you take or the drawings you make on Samsung Notes with other Samsung devices.


The Galaxy S22 Ultra looks very, very similar to the Note 20 Ultra in appearance. There are minor differences between them. For example, the rear cameras and flash are placed directly on the body, and there is a different camera module image than on the Note 20 Ultra. There are Corning Gorilla Victus Plus lenses on the front and back. With these different materials, it feels more solid and slightly heavier than the Note 20 Ultra.


The 6.8-inch screen of the Samsung S22 Ultra has an ultra-high resolution, befitting the name of the phone. Samsung has added the screen features that we expect in a 2022 flagship smartphone to the screen of the S22 Ultra. Thanks to all these, a high visual experience is achieved. The screen brightness is high, the curve towards the edges is not exaggerated. The selfie camera hole at the top of the screen is not scratchy. As a result, the S22 Ultra has a high-resolution selfie camera of 40 megapixels on the front.


When we look at the components of the rear camera system, we see that they all have almost the same features as the rear cameras on the S21 Ultra. The software makes the difference here. Thanks to the 4nm-based processor with high artificial intelligence power, the phone promises bright and vivid photos in all light conditions. Samsung claims that it can take bright, low-noise and clear photos in low light and even in the dark. Even in low-light portrait shots, the company is ambitious. The same low-light performance claim also applies to video.


When shooting with both the front and rear cameras, the person or persons in the scene are automatically centered, so it is possible to shoot smooth and proportional videos. With these innovations offered on the software side, the Galaxy S22 Ultra becomes a very useful phone on the photo and video shooting side, especially for those who shoot videos frequently.

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