Pick n Pay Specials 11 – 20 October 2021

Deals of the decade have begun on Pick n Pay Specials 11 October 2021! The most popular, quality, super fresh favorites are waiting for you on this Pick n Pay Catalogue. You should take a look at these Pnp Specials and get your essentials at low prices!

Pick n Pay Specials 11 – 20 October 2021;

It is possible to find many good deals on this Pnp Brochure. When you browse it, you will encounter many good offers to reduce to cost of your weekly shopping! By the way, if you are a member of Pick n Pay Smart Shopper, you will save more! Let’s swipe your card and enjoy shopping while you are saving! Also, you can get your share of R245 Million in cash back! Register your card to redeem your Smart Shopper points! For more details, you can view the cover page!

Especially, you should focus on part of Fresh Fruit & Veg! The freshest, healthy, and natural selections are available on this part. You should browse them and buy your favorites at low prices. Also, when you buy some selected products multiple, you will save more! For example; when you buy 2 of any Pnp Kids Pears 1kg, Yellow Apple 1kg, Red Apples 1kg, or Kids Small Bananas, you will save up to R10!

Also, good FRESH COMBOS are waiting for you! One of them includes Pnp Kiwi 4s, Queen Pineapple 4s, Cripps Red Apples 1.5kg, Golden Delicious Apples 1.5kg, Granny Smith Apples 1.5kg, Bananas Box 1.2kg, No name Orange Carry Bag 2.5kg, and Breakfast papaya. You can buy 4 of them at only R100! And, other one contains Pnp Onions 2kg, No name potatoes 2kg, Carrots bulk pack 3kg, Bulk green peppers 800g, and Beetroot carry bag 2kg. You can buy any 4 at only R100!

Pick n Pay Specials This Week;

  • Pnp Fresh Chicken 4 Drumsticks & 4 Thighs, R49.99 per kg.
  • Jacobs Krönung Instant Coffee Assorted 200g, R79
  • Orange Grove Dairies Fresh Milk Assorted 2l, R21.99
  • Stork Country Spread 1kg Tub, R36
  • Pnp 2 Ply Toilet Tissue 9s Assorted, 2 for R85
  • Sparletta Flavored Carbonated Soft Drink Assorted 2l, 2 for R28
  • Beef Bulk Stewing Beef Bone-in, R89.99 per kg.
  • Sasko Premium Slices White Bread 700g, 2 for R25
  • BB Smart Slice Wholewheat or Multi Seed, 2 for R19.99
  • Enterprise Red or Smoked Viennas, R27.99
  • Clover Tropika Flavoured Dairy Fruit Mix Assorted 2l, 2 for R54
  • Clover Cheddar, Gouda, or Tussers 800g, R87.99
  • Danone NutriDay Low Fat Fruit Yoghurt, R25.99
  • Parmalat Medium Fat or Yumchums Low Fat Yoghurt 6 x 100g, 2 for R29
  • Orange Grove Umfutho Amasi 2kg, R19.99
  • Clover Berg Medium Fat Proccessed Cheese Assorted 800g, R59.99
  • Lancewood Processed Cheese Slices Assorted 350g, R37.99
  • First Choice Salted Butter 500g Brick, R49.99
  • Parmalat Steri Stumpie Low Fat Flavored Milk, 2 for R20
  • No name Frozen Chicken Braai Pack, 2 for R120
  • Rainbow Simply Chicken Frozen Chicken Nuggets, R34.99

Here is the latest Pick n Pay Catalogue this week! If you want to discover more products, deals, and specials, you can go to the home page. And, you can check out your favorite stores’ category pages and see special offers. In addition, you can subscribe to them with your email from their category pages and follow us on our social media accounts. It is so easy to save with us!


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