Pick n Pay Specials Birthday Sales 1 – 7 August 2022

Pick n Pay Specials 1 August 2022 is of the best places where you can reach super fresh fruit & vegs, meat-cuts, household, and much more this week! If you are a member of Smart Shopper, awesome discounts are waiting for you this week!

Pick n Pay Specials 1 August 2022;

Pick n Pay offers unusual offers in their weekly catalogue! Among the most unique offers of this week, it offered a chance to win a trip! If you don’t want to miss your chance to win a good trip, check out the details in the catalog and participate! Minimize grocery shopping costs and don’t miss out on great offers!

Your favourite COMBO now with added variety! One of the fresest COMBO is available on page 2. It includes Pnp all purpose potatoes 3 kg, Onions 2 kg, Red sweet potatoes 2 kg, Butternut 2.5 kg, Tomatoes 1.5 kg, Baby marrows 600 g, Sweetcorn 4s, Green beans 500 g, Sweetcorn cablettes 700 g, Broccoli cauliflower or broccoli & cauliflower florets 700 g, Butternut or pumpkin 1 kg. Buy any 4 of them at only R120! Also, you can buy Pn Avocado Ripe and Ready 2s, Bananas box 1.2kg, Golden Delicious or Top Red Apples 1.5 kg, Citrus Mandarins 1 kg, Citrus Lemons 1.5 kg or No name Citrus Orange bag 2.5 kg at low prices. Choose your favourite any get any 4 of them at only R100!

Pick n Pay Specials This Week;

  • Pnp Extra Lean Beef Mince per kg, R109.99
  • Pnp Fresh Chicken Braaipack 16s per kg, R48.99
  • Nescafe Ricoffy 750 g, 3 for 2 (SAVE R109)
  • Pnp Long Life Milk Assorted 6 x 1 litre, 2 for R150
  • Fatti’s & Moni’s Macaroni or Spaghetti 500 g, 3 for 2 (SAVE R19)
  • Kellogg’s Corn Flakes 750 g, R44.99
  • Omo Auto Washing Powder Assorted 2 kg, 3 for 2 (SAVE R92)
  • Pnp Beef Tomahawk Steak per kg, R109.99
  • Pnp Bulk Country Classic Boerewors per kg, R94.99
  • No name Frozen Chicken Braai pack with 15% Brine Based Mixture, R179.99
  • Pnp Crumbed Chicken Strips or Schnitzels per kg, R109.99
  • Pnp Bulk Fresh Chicken Skinless Breast Fillets per kg, R74.99
  • Breco Seafoods Squid Patagonian Tubes & Tenticles 400 g, R129.99
  • Pnp Fishmonger’s Prawn Meat Catering 800 g, R169.99
  • Pnp Fishmonger’s Medium Wild Pink Prawns 800 g, R249.99
  • Simply Cook Sweet & Sticky BBQ Chicken 1 kg, R149.99
  • Simply Cook Chutney Chicken 1.2 kg, R169.99
  • Pnp Butternut Soup 1.2 kg, R46.99
  • Eskort Red or Smoked Viennas 500 g, 2 for R58 (SAVE R27)
  • Pnp Cheese Griller, Bockwurst Frankfurter or Russian 320 g, 3 for 2 (SAVE R59)
  • Stork Country Spread 1 kg Tub, 2 for R85 (SAVE R20)
  • Clover Mooi River Salted or Springok Unsalted Butter 500 g Brick Each, R59.99
  • Flora Regular or Light Fat Spread 1 kg Tub each, 2 for R99
  • Parmalat or melrose Processed Cheese Slices Assorted 500 g, 2 for R85 (SAVE R30)
  • Clover Bliss Double Cream Yoghurt Assorted 1 kg each, R31.99
  • Danone Nutriday Low Fat Fruit Yoghurt Assorted 1 kg, 2 for R52 (SAVE R17)
  • Steri Stumpie Low Fat Flavoured Milk assorted 350 ml, 2 for R22 (SAVE R7)
  • Cappy Fruit Juice Blend Assorted 1.5 l, 2 for R40 (SAVE R13)


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