Pick N Pay Specials Black Friday 18 November 2019

Pick N Pay Specials Black Friday 18 November 2019 is available now! Appliances, Electronics, Home, Outdoor, Cleaning, Personal Care Products, Baby, Wine, Groceries, Pet and many products from different categories are on sale on pick n pay black friday 2019! Today’s topic is about Philips Airfryer. It is a practical and entertaining product that thinner the thick line between the master chefs and the foreigners in the kitchen, and that even those who have not made pasta in their lives can get successful results with pleasure. It is on sale with savings up to R1400! (Online Only).

Practical and enjoyable: the Philips Airfryer, which we’ve been hearing a lot lately. The air fryer uses a patented technology to cook and fry using hot air. Don’t think of the Airfryer as a fryer-like product. On the contrary, Philips claims that delicious fries and food can be made with or without oil. In general, the Airfryer can be considered a small oven. In the portfolio of Airfryer, which can cook delicious food quickly, especially for small families; There are dozens of foods from pastries, cakes, and cookies to fish, meat, baked potatoes, and various fries. The product is very useful not only for cooking but also for heating. It is also easy to clean because it has a non-stick surface.

Successful Design on Pick n Pay Black Friday Specials

Compact and ergonomic considering the product function. The Airfryer uses both internal and external volumes very efficiently and has only two control knobs. You can set the temperature between 80-200 degrees with one of these buttons, and the time setting between 0-30 minutes with the other. The part where the food is to be cooked, that is, the cooker, consists of two parts; the grill portion to which the handle is attached and the pan portion below. The grill section can be divided into two with a metal plate that comes out of the box. So you can cook different foods at the same time. The cable winder in the product provides a neat appearance. The fact that these parts can be washed in the dishwasher is a great convenience. Unlike the simple structure of the Airfryer, it is very functional, allowing you to prepare food in a short time. Moreover, the air filter in the product is very successful, so that there is no unpleasant smell at home, for example when cooking fish. With the cookbook that comes in the box, there’s a lot of food that can be easily prepared using the Airfryer.

If you use ready-to-use frozen products, the Airfryer keeps its promise and offers you delicious crispy food fried in oil. If you like French fries in fast-food chains, you can get the same taste with Airfryer in a much healthier and cheaper way. But let us warn you; Because there is no fat in it, the potatoes are both delicious and light. Therefore, you may unwittingly miss the measure while eating. If you buy potatoes yourself, you should use some oil (eg two or three tablespoons).

There are some tricks

The first thing to watch out for is not to accidentally press the button that separates the grill from the pan. In this case, the pan may fall to the floor. A very important point about cooking is to remove the food during cooking and shake it briefly. Although hot weather ensures that all parts of the food are cooked evenly, especially in foods such as potatoes, this shaking process is vital for the true frying taste. In addition, since the feet under the cooking pan are short, it is useful to prepare the place in advance when you remove the cooker. Because the pan is hot (naturally) at the end of cooking. Finally, it would be appropriate to leave a sensible space around the food so that the warm air can circulate comfortably. For example, if you start with frozen slices of potatoes, you should not exceed 600 gr at one time.

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