Pick n Pay Specials Christmas Feasting 2021

Make Christmas a no-fuss feast with Pnp Specials Christmas Feasting 2021! Many delicious, good-looking, and popular selections are waiting for you on this Pick n Pay Catalogue! A wide range of Christmas Specials are waiting for you on this catalogue!

Pnp Specials Christmas Feasting 2021

Pick n Pay has got everything you need to make it memorable! Home for the Holidays! Many popular and delicious selections are on discount now! Save time and save money! You can serve something spectacular thanks to Pick n Pay! They promises amazing selections for Christmas meal! Master the most flavourful roast! You can create a festive braai menu easily with them! You should view all the pages of this Pnp Brochure and discover the best Christmas products! These prices and deals are valid from 6 December 2021 until 2 January 2022!

Fancy Feasting! Go traditional this season with Pnp! From chicken or turkey to gammon and lamb! They have got your favourites all lined up and ready to steal the show! Check out all the products and enjoy shopping while you are saving your money!

Pick n Pay Specials This Week:

  • Pnp Smoked Boneless Uncooked Medium Gammon per kg, R89.99
  • Pnp Asparagus with Cheese Sauce 290g, Buy 2 SAVE R10!
  • Baby Potatoes with Garlic and Herb Butter 500g, 2 for R45
  • Pnp Frozen Young Turkey with 8% Brine Based Mixture Giblets, R59.99
  • Pnp Prime Rib Roast Bone-in per kg, R139.99
  • Deboned Leg of Lamb with Greek Rub per kg, R199.99
  • Maille Dijon or Wholegrain Mustard, R42.99
  • Pnp Tasty Stem Broccoli with Lemon & Garlic Butter, R39.99
  • Pnp Baby Carrots 300g, R29.99
  • Fishmonger’s Wild Pink Prawns Small 800g, R199.99
  • Pnp Fishmonger’s Norwegian Salmon Portions 500g, R219.99
  • Pnp Fishmonger’s Half Shell Mussels 500g, R79.99
  • Fishmonger’s Prawn Ring 300g, R149.99
  • Pnp Beef Fillet Unrimmed per kg, R199.99
  • Pnp Asian Leaf Salad 150g, R26.99
  • Asian Slaw 260g, R38.99
  • Pnp Traditional Trifle 1.1kg, R119.99
  • Pnp Chocolate Caramel Trifle 1kg, R139.99
  • Luxury Cherry and Almond Christmas Cake 800g, R179.99
  • Pnp Luxury Christmas Pudding with Hidden Centre 450g, R139.99
  • Pnp Filled Chocolate Stars 9s, R34.99
  • Hallow Chocolate Balls 16s, R54.99
  • Pnp Oat Crunchies 200g Tin, R99.99
  • Pnp Choc Chip Cookies Jar 200g, R159.99
  • Milk Chocolate Coated Malt Balls 40g, 2 for R32
  • Pnp Creamy Butter Toffees 130g, R44.99
  • Pnp Cooked Gammon per kg, R229.99

So here is the latest Pick n Pay Catalogue this week! You can browse the home page and see the latest specials in South Africa! Also, you can subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts! We share the latest offers regularly for you!


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