Pick n Pay Specials Health & Beauty 25 Apr – 8 May 2022

All your health and beauty essentials are waiting for you to be discovered on Pnp Specials Health & Beauty April 2022! A wide range of products, competitive prices, and many good deals are available on this Pick n Pay Catalogue. So let’s view it!

Pnp Specials Health & Beauty April 2022;

Pnp contains the products of many different cosmetics and personal care brands. It serves shoppers with a wide variety of products. Their products are not limited to make-up products. You can also find personal care products and various accessories in their stores. In addition, you can buy oral care, skin care, perfume, hair care or daily needs of your home here. Pnp is at the service of its customers with branches located in almost every province across South Africa. Affordable price options and campaign products are also waiting for you at Pick n Pay stores.

Pick n Pay Health & Personal Care Products;

In the Pick n Pay catalogue you can find many products you need with real discounts. It is possible to find opportunities such as campaign make-up materials, hygiene or hair care products valid between certain dates in this catalogue. You can examine the opportunity products in their catalogs and have them whenever you want.

Visit their category page to reach Pnp catalogues whenever you want, in the most practical way! Thus, you can easily choose between the cheapest beauty products and care products and plan your shopping.

Pnp is quite assertive about the offer! Many brands offer great discounts on certain dates. Don’t miss out on all the discounted products and offers on these special days. It is possible to be informed about Pnp discount days in advance, and to follow up continuously with Especials.

Visit the category page now to access Pnp’s current discounts and campaign brochures. Instantly access the discount catalog, real deals and campaigns from wherever you sit, without going to the store. All you have to do is decide which product to buy.

Pick n Pay Specials This Week;

  • Colgate Regular, Herbal Gel or Herbal Whitening Toothpaste, R18.99
  • Lifebuoy Hygiene Soap Assorted 175g, 2 for R22
  • Panado Pain and Fever Tablets Spartan or Blister Pack 24s Each, R26.99
  • Vaseline BlueSeal Petroleum Jelly Assorted 250ml, 2 for R52
  • Shield Roll-on Assorted 50ml (Excludes Motion Sense), 2 for R32
  • Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner Assorted 360/400ml, 2 for R90
  • Always Maxi Thick Day and Night Pads 8-10s, R40
  • Close Up Toothpaste Assorted 125g, 2 for R24
  • White Glo Toothpaste Assorted 100ml Each, R59.99
  • Listerine Freshburst, Antiseptic, Cool Mint, Mint or Berry Mouthwash Assorted, R52.99
  • Oral-B Toothbrush Range Assorted, R23.99
  • Oral-B Vitality Electric Toothbrush Assorted Each, R300
  • PnP Oral Sure Medium, Soft or Hard FlexiHead Toothbrush Each, R22.99
  • Epi-Max Body Wash Assorted 450ml Each, R89.99
  • Johnson’s Vita-Rich Body Wash or Shower Gel, R31.99
  • Satiskin Hand Wash Assorted 400ml Each, R29.99
  • Protex Hygiene Soap Assorted 150g Each, R10.99
  • Lifebuoy Total 10 Hand Sanitizer 100ml, 2 for R45
  • Omnisol Sanitising Spray 120ml, R39.99
  • Dettol Hygiene Liquid Hand Wash Pump Assorted 200ml Each, R26.99
  • NutriSense Body Wash Assorted 500ml, R41.99
  • NutriSense Hand Wash Assorted 500ml, 2 for R70
  • Satiskin Foam Bath Assorted 2 Litre Each, R62.99
  • Dove Body Lotion Assorted 400ml Each (Excludes Nourishing Secrets), R44.99
  • Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner Assorted 400ml Each, R99.99

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