Pick n Pay Specials Smart Price 11 January 2021

Pnp Specials 11 January 2021 contains many offers to reduce to cost of weekly shopping this week! For example; Smart Shopper card promises both SMART PRICE and REAL CASH BACK this week! Moreover, this Pick n Pay Catalogue has a wide range of products as well as opportunities. Therefore, you should check out all the pages and buy your essentials with unique deals!

Pick n Pay promises unlimited savings in this catalog as always! However, there is a small detail! You need Pnp Smart Shopper card to benefit from all these offers. Pick n Pay gives you privilege in many products exclusive to Smart Shopper! That’s why they become the biggest helpers of your weekly shopping. You can buy the most popular food products and your daily needs at the best prices.

Also, there are many fresh and natural fruits and vegetables in this catalog. You can even save more by purchasing these products in multiple. It is possible to find many offers that encourage multiple purchases in this Pick n Pay Catalogue. For example; if you buy Potatoes 7kg, butternut 6kg, and onions 5kg, you will pay only R99 for all of them. There are more deals like this. All you need is a Smart Shopper card!

Pnp Specials 11 January 2021;

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