Sheet Street Catalogue New specials 3 March 2020

Time to check out Sheet Street Catalogue New specials 3 March 2020! Duvet cover sets, also known as bedspreads; are the materials covered on the sleeping set to create hygiene, warmth, protection and decorative effect. Duvet cover sets designed for bed, quilt and pillow sizes; Velcro, zipper or buttoned mouths can be easily removed and replaced. The bedsheet, which is tied to the bed with the help of elastic bands or directly laid, is of great importance to create a hygienic area. The bedspread, which is designed to include thick bedspreads such as quilts, piques or blankets, is among the main parts that make up the duvet cover set. The pillow covers complement the duvet cover both visually and functionally.

Duvet Cover Set Models

Duvet cover sets made of cotton, linen, satin and silk fabrics; It can be preferred among different models in accordance with the size, design of the bed, the color and decoration of the room. Models made of cotton and linen style fabrics are ideal for use in warm seasons thanks to both their wide loop structure and light texture. Products with high air permeability provide extra comfort during sleep. It is suitable for use in cold weather as it can maintain the heat between the quilt and the bed for a long time due to its thermal structure, the models with a tight loop synthetic fiber, products made of polyester materials and acrylic bedding sets.

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Some Products We Chose From Sheet Street Catalogue New specials 3 March 2020;


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