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Shoprite Specials are the most fun and easy way to browse the products and offers in South Africa. You can view Shoprite Specials this week here.

40 years of experience and existence are proof that they offer the best products at the most reasonable rates. Their lowest price promise was the foundation of the store and made them the largest store in South Africa. Now they have more than 500 stores and continue to bring happiness to their customers! See Shoprite Specials 19 – 22 May 2022┬áthis week!

Thanks to the great shopping experience and the opportunities they offer, they received many awards. Some of the most recent ones are No.1 Food Retailer (TGI Icon Brands), No.1 Toy Retailer (TGI Icon Brands), No.1 Grocery Retailer (Times Sowetan Retailer Awards), South Africa’s No.1 Supermarket (Sunday Times Top Brands Survey).

Many categories are available on Shoprite Catalogue. Groceries, Appliances, Baby, Liquor, and many more can be browsable on Shoprite Special. Don’t forget to browse Shoprite liquor specials. Before you go shopping, you must browse their catalog to reduce to cost of weekly shopping. They guarantee the lowest price. Enjoy the freshest and highest quality options at the most reasonable prices!

Especially, you should focus on Shoprite on special days like Christmas, Easter, or Black Friday. Be sure, you will see more what you are expecting! Here you go!

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Shoprite Specials 9 – 22 May 2022

Shoprite Specials 9 May 2022 is one of the best places where you will find the freshest and quality groceries this week. When you check this Shoprite Catalogue, you will see many essentials for your weekly shopping. Let's check this leaflet and enjoy shopping! shoprite specials 9 22 may 2022

Shoprite Specials 9 May 2022;

Shoprite promises awesome deals on a wide range of Ritebrand products! Many offers and special products can be browsable on this Shoprite Weekly Catalogue. Moreover, if you are not completely satisfied with your Ritebrand purchase, Shoprite will refund your money! No question asked. Not only Ritebrand products but also many popular brands' products are available on this Shoprite Catalogue. These prices are valid from 9 May 2022 until 22 May 2022. You should hurry up and enjoy shopping! Also, good COMBOS are waiting for you on the latest page of this Shoprite Leaflet. One of them contains White Star Maize Meal 2.5kg, Huletts Sunsweet Brown Sugar 2kg, Spekko Orange Long Grain Parboiled Rice 2kg, Ellis Brown Coffee Creamer 750g, and Mr.Pasta Macaroni or Spaghetti 500g. You can buy them at only R99. Other one includes Clover Classic Dairy Snack 6 x 100g, Champion French Polony 750g, Rondo 40% Fat Spread 500g, Crystal Valley Cheese Slices 150g, Sasko Premium Slices Brown Bread 700g, and a pack of 18 large eggs. You can buy them at only R99 too!

Shoprite Specials This Week;

  • Grainfield Chickens Frozen Mixed Chicken Portions 4.2kg, R152.99
  • Ritebrand Frozen Mixed Vegetables 1kg, R19.99 (SAVE R7)
  • Ritebrand Sunflower Seed Oil 4l, R179.99 (SAVE R20)
  • Large Eggs 30 per tray, R57.99
  • In-Store Baked Standard Brown Bread each, R5
  • Ritebrand Bread Spread 40% Fat Spread 500g, R8.99
  • Ritebrand Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 410g, R6.99 (SAVE R3)
  • Cola Cold Drink 2l by Ritebrand, 2 for R16
  • Ritebrand Corn Flakes Cereal 1kg, R29.99 (SAVE R16)
  • Ritebrand Frozen Potato Chips 1kg, R19.99
  • Mayonnaise 750g / Salad Cream 760g, R25.99
  • Ritebrand Flavoured Jelly all variants 80g, R4.99
  • Ritebrand Marie Biscuits 200g each, R7.99
  • Whole Kernel Corn / Cream Style Sweetcorn 410g, R23.99
  • Ritebrand Full Cream Sweetened Condensed Milk, R19.99
  • Ritebrand Frozen Sausage Rolls 30 per pack, R49.99
  • Chicken Leg Quantities Loose Serve per kg, R48.90
  • Beef Potjiekos Loose Serve per kg, R84.90
  • Stewing Beef Loose Serve per kg, R84.90
  • Grainfield Chicken Fresh Whole Chicken with Giblets per kg, R38.99
  • Sea Harvest Oven Crisp Crumbed Fish Fillets Portions, R49.99 (SAVE R13)
  • BB Bakeries Sliced Brown Bread 700g, R12.99
  • Albany Superior Regular / Thick Slices White Bread 700g, R13.99
  • Crystal Valley Fresh Cream 250ml, 2 for R35
  • Danone Nutriday Dairy Snack all variants 6 x 100g, 2 for R30
  • Parmalat Yoghurt all variants 1kg, 2 for R52
  • Dairymaid Farmhouse Ice Cream all variants 2l, R39.99 (SAVE R15)
  • Crystal Valley Full Cream Maas 4kg, R41.99 (SAVE R8)
  • Knorr Aromat Seasoning Canister all variants 75g, R9.99 (SAVE R6)
  • Imana Soya Mince All Variants 400g each, R24.99
  • Pot o'Gold Chakalaka Milk all variants 410g, R12.99 (SAVE R2)
  • B-Well Canola Mayo, R29.99 (SAVE R8)

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Shoprite Specials Mother’s Day 2022

All you need to spoil mom this Mother's Day with Shoprite Specials Mother's Day 2022! Many good specials are available on this Shoprite Catalogue. You should view browse all the products and find the best product for your mom! Enjoy shopping! shoprite specials mothers day 2022

Shoprite Specials Mother's Day 2022;

Mother's Day is a day celebrated with great enthusiasm every year. It is one of the days when children show their love to their mothers and mothers receive a small reward for their efforts with this interest. Although mothers say that they do not expect gifts from their children on this special day, it is important for children to buy a gift that will make their mothers happy. However, on this special day, it is necessary to pay attention to the gift to be received and to prepare a special celebration for mothers. The Shoprite Mother's Day Catalogue offers many different gift options for mothers of all ages. Sometimes a need is a gift, while sometimes something interesting becomes a gift. Motherhood has a very special meaning for spouses as it is for children. Fathers and children make surprise plans and choose gifts together near the coming of Mother's Day. Everyone has an opinion on this. Sometimes, while making a joint decision, sometimes there is a sweet struggle of different ideas. With Shoprite, it is very easy to find the right, most useful and beautiful gift to show our gratitude to our mothers for their endless efforts!

Shoprite Specials This Week;

  • Mother's Day Coffee Mugs each, R19.99
  • Annabelle Wine all variants 750ml each, R72.99 (SAVE R17)
  • Satiskin Bubble Bath all variants 2l each, R64.99 (SAVE R15)
  • Mother's Day Cake each, R69.99
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Slab all variants 80g, 2 for R28 (SAVE R6)
  • Queen Pineapple each, R12.99
  • Deli Platters each, from R99.99
  • Snowflake Easy Mix all variants 500g, 2 for R28 (SAVE R12)
  • Liqui Fruit 100% Fruit Juice Blend all variants 1l each, R19.99 (SAVE R6)
  • Millini Non-Stick 6-Cup Muffin Pan each, R49.99
  • Cupcakes 4 per pack, R24.99
  • Mokate Cappuccino Sticks all variants 10 per pack, R39.99
  • Crystal Valley Gouda / Cheddar Cheese 750g each, R84.99 (SAVE R20)
  • Clover Bliss all variants 1kg each, R29.99 (SAVE R7)
  • Oranges 2kg bag, R19.99
  • Clover Krush 100% Fruit Juice Blend all variants 1.5l each, R28.99 (SAVE R8)
  • Mum Bear Coffee Mug each, R19.99
  • Botanical Stainless Steel Travel Mug all variants 450ml each, R49.99
  • Nederburg Baronne 750ml, R62.99 (SAVE R12)
  • Spoonfulls Ice Cream 2l each, R49.99 (SAVE R15)
  • Mint 20g bag, R9.99
  • Marinated Spatchcock Chicken per kg, R49.99
  • Class A Rib-Eye Beef Steak per kg, R109.99
  • Glasier White Dinner Set 12-piece, R179.99 (SAVE R20)
  • Marinex Round Glass Casserole Set 2-piece, R119.99 (SAVE R20)
  • Millini Carbn Steel Non-Stick Assorted Bakeware, Buy any 2 and Save 25%!
  • Ladies' Slippers all variants sizes 3-8 each, R39.99
  • Mother's Day Greeting Cards all variants each, R24.99
  • Large Gift Bags all variants each, R14.99
  • Nivea Perfect & Matte / Perfect & Radiant Facial Range, R24.99
  • Essentials Hair Dryer 1200w, R119.99

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Shoprite Specials Winter Non-Foods 25 Apr – 8 May 2022

Shoprite Specials 25 April 2022 promises pretty low prices for a cosy winter this week! When you check this Shoprite Catalogue, you will encounter a wide range of non-foods. Homeware, glassware, appliances, and much more are on sale with awesome offers. So view all of them! shoprite specials winter non foods 25 apr 8 may 2022

Shoprite Specials 25 April 2022;

There are great deals in this catalog where you can find many of your winter special needs! With the Shoprite Xtra Savings card, you can use these great offers and experience a thrifty shopping experience. You can examine many products other than food in this catalogue. Hot water bottle, thermos, blanket, towel, appliances, slippers, mugs, household, kitchenware are available here. Savings up to R100 can be browsable on this Shoprite Catalogue! Moreover, they will beat any price on small appliances guaranteed! They are safety and quality tested! Also they have one year warranty! My favorite one is Essentials Cordless Kettle 1.7l. It is pretty useful and quality. You can buy it at only R179. If you need a new kettle, you should buy it! These prices are valid from 25 April 2022 until 8 May 2022. Let's browse all the pages and get the best at low prices before stocks last! Here u go!

Shoprite Specials This Week;

  • Essentials Coral Fleece Blanket 150cm x 200cm all variants each, R149.99
  • Essentials Comforter Set 190cm x 220cm all variants 3-piece per set, R179.99
  • Stainless Steel Travel Mug 420ml each, R34.99
  • Rubber Hot Water Bottle all variants 2l each, R69.99
  • Thermacool / Check Vacuum Flask all variants 1l each, R89.99
  • Home Discovery Glass Casserole Set 6-Piece per set, R149.99
  • Moonlight Dinner 12-piece per set, R179.99
  • Sce 2-Bar Quartz Heater 800w, R249.99
  • Essentials Black / White Auto Kettle 1.7l each, R149.99
  • Essentials Microwave Oven 20l, R899.99
  • Ladies' Terry Slippers all variants 3-8 per pair, R49.99
  • Ladies' Lace-up Sports Shoes Black / Grey, R89.99
  • Fully Lined Fashion Boots all variants sizes 3-8 for ladies, R109.99
  • Bare Basics Cozy Socks all variants 2 pair per pack, R39.99
  • Ladies Indoor Slipper Mules all variants, R39.99
  • Ladies Indoor Slipper Pumps all variants, R49.99
  • Essentials Coral Fleece Throw 130cm x 150cm 2 per pack, R149.99
  • Essentials Printed Blanket Sherpa 150cm x 200cm, R179.99
  • Fleece Hot Water Bottle all variants 2l each, R79.99
  • Plush Unicorn Hot Water Bottle all variants 750ml, R99.99
  • Travelvac Blue / Red Plastic Travel Mug 410ml, R29.99
  • Blue / Green / Red Stainless Steel Travel Mug 420ml, R39.99
  • Botanical Stainless Steel Travel Mug all variants, R49.99
  • Essence Soup Bowl / Belly Soup Mug all variants, R24.99
  • Delish Dinner Set 12-piece per set, R229.99
  • Bon Voyage Cookware Set 6-piece per set, R239.99
  • Mexican Paint / Over-Sized Hand-Painted Coffee Mug, R12.99
  • Little Things / Mocca Coffee Mug all variants each, R15.99
  • Knit Embossed / George Coffee Mug all variants each, R19.99
  • Print Coffee Mug All Variants each, R19.99
  • Marinex Glass Casserole Set 1.5l & 1.9l 2-piece per set, R119.99
  • Bon Voyage Catering Pot 13l & 21l, R299.99

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