Shoprite Specials

Shoprite Specials are the most fun and easy way to browse the products and offers in South Africa. You can view Shoprite Specials this week here.

40 years of experience and existence are proof that they offer the best products at the most reasonable rates. Their lowest price promise was the foundation of the store and made them the largest store in South Africa. Now they have more than 500 stores and continue to bring happiness to their customers! See Shoprite Specials 8 – 21 April 2024┬áthis week!

Thanks to the great shopping experience and the opportunities they offer, they received many awards. Some of the most recent ones are No.1 Food Retailer (TGI Icon Brands), No.1 Toy Retailer (TGI Icon Brands), No.1 Grocery Retailer (Times Sowetan Retailer Awards), South Africa’s No.1 Supermarket (Sunday Times Top Brands Survey).

Many categories are available on Shoprite Catalogue. Groceries, Appliances, Baby, Liquor, and many more can be browsable on Shoprite Special. Don’t forget to browse Shoprite liquor specials. Before you go shopping, you must browse their catalog to reduce to cost of weekly shopping. They guarantee the lowest price. Enjoy the freshest and highest quality options at the most reasonable prices!

Especially, you should focus on Shoprite on special days like Christmas, Easter, or Black Friday. Be sure, you will see more what you are expecting! Here you go!

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Shoprite Specials 8 – 21 April 2024

Make saving simple with Shoprite Specials 8 – 21 April 2024 and Shoprite Xtra Savings card! Dozens of products are on discounts now. Find your essentials at reasonable prices!

Shoprite Specials 8 21 april 2024

Shoprite Specials 4 – 7 April 2024

Shoprite Specials 4 – 7 April 2024 promises new 4-DAY LOW PRICE BONANZA this week. You can find many competitive offers on grocery products with this catalogue this week!

Shoprite Specials 4 7 april 2024

Shoprite Specials 18 Mar – 7 Apr 2024

Make Easter bigger with low prices of Shoprite Specials 18 Mar – 7 Apr 2024 ! Outdoor products, cookware, appliances, glassware, and much more are featured on this Shoprite Catalogue!

Shoprite Specials 18 mar 7 apr 2024

Shoprite Specials 14 – 17 March 2024

New 4-DAY LOW PRICE SALE are waiting for you to be discovered on Shoprite Specials 14 – 17 March 2024! Browse these reasonable prices and enjoy shopping in Shoprite stores!

Shoprite Specials 14 17 march 2024

Shoprite Specials 22 Feb – 10 Mar 2024

Swipe your Xtra Savings card and pay less for the most popular grocery products with Shoprite Specials 22 Feb – 10 Mar 2024! Check it out and find your essentials this week!

Shoprite Specials 22 feb 10 mar 2024