Spar Specials 11 – 23 July 2023

Spar Specials 11 - 23 July 2023 is consist of many discounted products for the best grocery shopping. You should browse these low prices and find your favourites!
Spar Specials 11 – 23 July 2023

Buy Me to Win at Spar!

Grocery shopping is an integral part of our lives and one of the key aspects that we pay particular attention to when managing our expenses. Spar stores help you save money by offering high quality products at low prices. If you're looking to enjoy great dining on a budget, let's see how you can take advantage of Spar's amazing savings opportunities.

Keep Track of Daily Discounts at Spar!

Spar offers daily discounts on various products. So by visiting the store's website regularly or using the mobile app, you can plan your shopping list and save big on the daily sales. If you have a flexible shopping schedule, it makes sense to consider daily sales on specific products.

Check out the Spar Catalogue

Spar branches typically publish new catalogs on a regular basis. These catalogs contain discounts on many products, attractive offers such as 'buy one half off', and package deals. If you look at the catalog, you can find important items in the cupboards of your living room or kitchen at a reasonable price. You can also buy seasonal products at a discounted price if you pay attention to seasonal discounts.

Explore Weekly Special Offers

Spar regularly offers weekly special offers. These offers include deep discounts on certain products and the opportunity to earn extra points on your purchases. By following the special offers in the brochure, you can mix and match to suit your needs and make a favorable purchasing decision. Spar offers a great opportunity to save money while getting delicious, high-quality products. Save your wallet when shopping for groceries by watching for daily discounts, browsing the catalog, using Supercard, taking advantage of weekly specials, using digital coupons, and choosing packaged products . With Spar, you can put rich food and a comfortable budget on your table.

Spar Specials This Week

  • Bakers Eet-Sum-Mor Biscuits 200g Assorted each, R23.99
  • Spar Cornflakes 1 kg each, R39.99
  • Liquid Fruit 100% Fruit Juice Blend 1 litre Assorted, 2 for R46.00
  • Nola Mayonnaise Range 500g - 780g assorted, 2 for R60
  • Simba Potato Chips 120g Assorted, 4 for R60
  • Lifebuoy Hygiene Soap 175g, 5 for R60
  • Five Roses Tagless Teabags 100s per pack, R44.99
  • Bokomo Weet-Bix 450g, 2 for R48
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