Spar Specials National Catalogue 07 April 2020

BIGGEST EASTER SAVINGS EVER is available on Spar Specials National Catalogue 07 April 2020! Tea and coffee lead the most popular and consumed drinks in the world and in our country. Herbal teas, which are preferred especially in cold winter months, draw attention to their health benefits. Coffee, which is another drink that comes to mind when it comes to a hot drink, draws attention with its unique aroma and delicious taste left on the palates. The coffee varieties that can be drunk plain or milky meet their smokers with their different forms such as filtered and instant.

In addition to tea and coffee, beverages such as cocoa beverage powders, espresso and cappuccino coffee, hot chocolate, and coffee syrup stand out with their quality and reasonable price advantage. Products that are ready to drink at any time of the day, whether for breakfast or at tea hours, carry the guarantee of the taste of world-famous brands.

Products From Spar Specials National Catalogue 07 April 2020;

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