Spar Specials National Catalogue 7 January 2020

Spar Specials National Catalogue 7 January 2020 provides you with all the materials you need during the new school year. The Back to School campaign, categorized according to the needs of students of different ages, offers quality and affordable products for the stationery needs of adults. Thousands of products ranging from stationery products such as staples, files, pencils, erasers, notebooks to bags that meet all expectations from A to Z are waiting for you at Spar Catalogue 7 January 2020.

One of the most important school needs is the paint sets, which are offered in 12 or 24-box boxes and are divided into pastel, dry or watercolor types. Picture books and canvases, other essential materials for children’s activities related to painting. Another material found in the school needs list is fun play dough. Quality play dough supports the skills and creativity of primary school children and strengthens their ties with art.

Products & Prices From Spar Specials National Catalogue 7 January 2020;

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