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Takealot Specials is an online electronic shopping address in South Africa. They are one of the most innovative and one of the largest online shopping address in South Africa.

Takealot wanted to be the simplest and most customer-centric online shopping destination in Africa. And they did it. Therefore, Takealot Specials is the first place that usually comes to mind when shopping online for electronic needs. For example, if you need a television or a gaming computer, you should check their specials. Takealot Deals will make your shopping better.

View Takealot Specials 23 Mar – 5 Apr 2021 this month! There are many special Blue Dot Deals on this catalogue!

The product range of Takealot Catalogue is quite wide! They are very rich in product variety. Moreover, the brands they work with are world-renowned brands and they are all guaranteed. Therefore, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the product you purchased. They already offer you satisfying products. Takealot, the only address for quality and useful products, thinks about you and your budget. You can always have your needs at the most reasonable prices here.

Appliances, Baby, Toys & Kids, Beauty, Books, Car & Motorbike, Cellphones, Tablets, Electronics, Computers, Gaming, Movies, Health, Garden, Liquour, Office, Pets and many categories are available on Takealot Specials. Let’s check the latest Takealot catalog and get your needs at lower prices!

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Takealot Specials 14 – 30 April 2021

Takealot Specials 14 April 2021 is where you can find what you are looking for related to electronics at low prices! The most popular electronics, reasonable prices, and unbeatable deals are available on this Takealot Catalogue! Therefore, you should view it and get the best! takealot specials 14 - 30 apr 2021 width=

Takealot Specials 14 - 30 April 2021

There are many opportunities on this Takealot Catalogue. However, they are valid within a limited time. So find the products you need and buy them at the most affordable prices. You can also find alternatives to many different products here. Takealot is one of South Africa's largest shopping platforms. And they try to bring you the most attractive offers!

Takealot Electronics

The immeasurable impact of technology on our daily life can be seen in many different ways. Electronic products have become more diversified with technological innovations in recent years and new needs and product areas arise with this. This means a technological product range that develops and changes with new products and various need areas in technological fields. In an area that is always moving towards the better, we witness that our daily lives are getting easier and more colorful with each passing day.

Favorites from Takealot Specials 14 April 2021

Electronic products fall into different categories. These products include a variety of technological gadgets and devices in personal care products, household cleaning products, entertainment-oriented products and many more categories. Computers are used to serve and connect people in the modern world. Desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices connect the world and handle multiple actions at the same time.

Takealot Gaming Consoles

Among the products that make spending time at home more enjoyable are game consoles. Game consoles are an advanced electronic device that allows multiple players to open a video game and provide a video signal or visual image for it. Console and pc games offer users a vast digital world. So, the different concepts of the games and their elaboration over time contribute to the gradual development of this sector. Also, those who like to capture the moment prefer camera and camera direction. More advanced products are produced every day with different types and renewed features.

Lower Prices from Takealot

It is everyone's desire to have the best products at reasonable prices. At this point, take a look at Takealot's current offers for users who are guiding people and want to benefit from the campaigns at the most affordable prices. You can find the most stylish and quality products in on Takealot Catalogue. Also, you may encounter opportunities where innovations you have never seen before are collected in one place. So here are the latest Takealot Specials! There are many special and useful products here. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts or visit the category pages and subscribe to your favorite stores with your email! Here u go!

Takealot Specials 23 Mar – 5 Apr 2021

Hundreds of exclusive selection, reasonable prices, and unbeatable deals have been announced by Takealot Specials 23 March 2021! Wearable techs, electronics, appliances, and many more are available on this Takealot Catalogue. Therefore, you should check all the pages and explore the best items with unbeatable offers! takealot specials 23 mar 5 apr 2021 width=

Takealot Electronics

Electronic products offer you convenience in many different areas of your life. You can find product models with designs developed according to your needs in Takealot. Electronic products provide ideal use in your business, daily or academic life. And these products allow you to perform practical operations. You can find the models with the features you are looking for among the products that have new functions and help you to complete your needs completely. You can easily examine the designs that create practical use areas in both cleaning and cooking, and the product types that will allow you to have a pleasant time in your hobbies. Get anything you are looking for, from electrical household appliances to product options such as computer equipment that offer personal use, with Takealot Specials!

Takealot Specials 23 Mar - 5 Apr 2021

  • Samsung Fit Fitness Tracker Band, R 999
  • Ematic AGT419 4K (UltraHD) Quad Core Android TV Box, R 1,199
  • Samsung 58" QLED SMART TV, R 14,695
  • Canon 800D 24.2MP DSLR with 18-55mm Lens, R 9,999
  • Epson EcoTank L3150 ITS Printer, R 2,999
  • Adata 12500 mAh Power Bank, R 269
  • Polaroid Wireless Earbuds, R 299
  • Skullcandy Sesh True Wireless In-Ear, R 599
  • Apple AirPods Pro, R 3,999
  • Apple iPhone 12 256GB, R 20,999
  • SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive 32GB, R 82
  • Volkano Crystal Series Wireless Mouse, R 85
  • DStv WiFi Connector - USB 3000, R 189
  • VIZIA WiFi UPS 57,000mWh 5/9/12V Mini DC Backup Battery Power, R 1,549
  • Unitek 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub 80cm Cable, R 85
Products such as wired or Bluetooth headphones, mouse, USB cables, powerbank, charger, phone holder and case are on sale! You can easily find product models that are frequently preferred among electronic products here. Thanks to the electronic product options with ergonomic designs, you can easily get the performance you desire. Add the products that are suitable for your tastes and needs among the product options that offer different features and opportunities to your basket immediately!

Thermal Paste

Heating is one of the most dangerous situations for computers. The healthy functioning of computers is made possible by the temperature levels of all electronic components within certain ranges. Overheating can lead to a loss of performance in computers and even permanent damage to parts where they can lose their functionality. Thermal pastes play an important role in protecting computers with their structures that prevent computer components from overheating. It is possible to reach them on this Takealot Online Specials!

Apple Watches on Takealot!

Wearable technology products allow you to check data on the smartphone you connect, as well as some of your health and activity information. One of the most striking among wearable technology products is the Apple Watch. Apple Watch Watch offers advanced features of Apple to users in the best possible way. Apple Watch was appreciated for its design and features. It takes its place in Takealot with the most affordable prices and many different model options.

Apple Watch Models

Every year, Apple adds a new model to its watch series called Watch. Each model contains unique innovations and advanced technologies. At the same time, the products have differences in terms of design, color and appearance. Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch SE and Series 6 are among the Watch models. In addition to their models, the products also vary with their dial sizes and band designs. In addition to dial sizes such as 38 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm, there are also different color options such as space gray, silver and black. There are many color options. You can personalize your watch and create your own Watch model by choosing the strap models offered for sale separately.

Takealot Specials 23 March 2021;

  • Apple Watch Series 6 44mm GPS + Cellular - Gold, R 11,499
  • Apple Watch Nike Series 6 40mm GPS + Cellular - Silver Aluminium, R 10,999
  • Nike Series 5 44mm GPS Only Silver Aluminium Case, R 8,145
  • Apple Watch SE 40mm GPS Only - Gold Aluminium, R 8,499
  • Apple Watch Series 4 44mm GPS Only, Silver Aluminium, R 6,999
  • Nike Series 5 40mm GPS Only Space Grey Aluminium Case, R 6,889

Apple Watch Specs

Apple Watch akıllı saatler birçok farklı teknolojiye sahip. Bu sayede kullanıcılarına büyük faydalar sunuyor. Ürünler, gelişmiş sensör teknolojileri sayesinde kalp atış hızınızı takip edebiliyor. Bu şekilde hem günlük hayatınızdaki hem de aktiviteleriniz sırasındaki kalp atış hızınızı görebilirsiniz. Apple Watch contributes to keeping track of the calories you burn in your activity. These activity options do not only cover the activities you do in the gym. You can use your Apple Watch safely and without fear in the pool or in the sea. With watches that can resist to a certain level under water, you can wear the product in every moment of your life and in all your activities, and you can benefit from technology. Apple Watch models have large capacities. They contribute to storing your data on your wrist as well as on your phone and accessing this data with a single click. Watch models, which are perfectly compatible with your iPhones thanks to their various connectivity features, manage to meet your needs and requests with advanced processors, operating systems and more.

Save on Apple Watch with Takealot!

Apple Watch models allow you to make choices according to your wrist structure and wishes with different dial options. At the same time, the products have different color options. If you wish, you can use the strap available with your watch. You can also choose different bands among the Apple Watch band options. Apple Watch smartwatch prices can be found very conveniently on Takealot. The prices of the products can also decrease during Takealot discount and campaign periods. You can also view Apple Watch models, prices, designs and more on Takealot. Here is the Takealot Specials 23 March 2021! There are many specials on this Takealot online catalogue. Therefore, you should browse all the pages and explore the best selections and good deals! Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts like Facebook and subscribe to us with your email!

Takealot Specials 1 March 2021

Browse the Takealot Specials 1 March 2021! Personal care and cosmetic products help you feel good at all times. The way to take care of your appearance and keep your morale high is to use these products. takealot specials 1 march 2021 width= While paying attention to your personal hygiene protects you from diseases, it also allows you to have a pleasant and well-groomed appearance. You can also pamper yourself with cosmetic products produced by various brands for all skin types.

Takealot Specials This Week!

You can find many cosmetic products and personal care tools that appeal to women and men on Takealot. You can buy the best quality personal care products Takealot offers with easy payment options. Also, you can choose whatever you want from among the products of world famous brands and you can easily do your body, hand, face care and epilation at home. With Takealot, which attracts attention with its accessible luxury products, you can experience the happiness of not neglecting your care.

Everything You Need on Takealot Specials!

Maintaining your personal hygiene includes the most basic care you need to do in order not to get sick. You need to keep your hands clean with the help of hand sanitizer and antibacterial gels, especially in winter, to protect yourself from germs. By keeping these products in your bag, you can ensure your personal hygiene in public areas. If you use them frequently, these products may cause problems such as drying and cracking on your hands. That's why you shouldn't neglect to moisturize your hands with moisturizing creams. In the winter months, your lips can dry out due to the cold, just like your hands. You can use lip protectors to moisturize your lips and prevent them from cracking. With lip protectors that do not contain allergic substances, you can have moist lips with which you can easily apply cosmetic products. Sun creams, which should be used in summer as well as in winter, protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. You should not forget to apply high factor sunscreens, which you can enjoy on sunny days by protecting your skin, before applying your makeup.

Takealot Personal Care Specials

Shampoos, which are among the products you will use most often in your personal cleaning, offer different options specifically for women and men. With shampoos suitable for your hair type, you can also get full and healthy hair. If you have a hair loss problem, you can try hair care serums to solve the problem of hair loss and make it look thicker.

Skin-Friendly Makeup Remover

You can feel yourself better than ever with make-up applications that make your looks and gestures more noticeable. Makeup applications are also among the most important complements of a stylish style. However, it is of great importance to clean make-up correctly and effectively as well as make-up applications. Thanks to special make-up remover products, you can make your skin breathe comfortably. And you can remove makeup residue from your skin. You should never forget that pimples and skin sensitivity can occur on skin that is not cleaned properly. This situation can also cause the start of wrinkle formation in the long term. Many different makeup remover options according to your skin type and personal preferences are available in Takealot Catalogue! If you want a deep cleansing on your skin, you can also choose make-up removal gels. You can use make-up removal gels that you can apply to dry face with circular movements and cleanse your skin with plenty of water after thoroughly absorbing your skin. Make-up removal gel type products, which have a structure that can absorb excess oil on your skin, are also preferred by people with oily skin.

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Here is Takealot Specials 1 March 2021! If you want to see more discounted products, unbeatable deals, and catalogs, visit the home page. Also, check out category pages and find your favorite stores. You should subscribe to them with your email and see the latest specials of your favorite stores! Here you go!

Takealot Specials Valentine’s Day Gifting 2021

View the Takealot Specials Valentine's Day Gifting 2021! Valentine's Day is a special day celebrated around the world on the 14th of February. If you are looking for Valentine's Day gifts that suits your lover's taste or will surprise them, you are in the right place. takealot specials valentine’s day gifting 24 january 2021 width= Takealot Specials will offer you different Valentine's Day gifts than classic red roses, accessories, plush bears or heart cards. Instead of an ordinary object, the gift you prefer can be a gift of special experience for your lover. Thus, choosing a gift by your lover's taste will make him happy and feel special. Everyone's lover is special for him/her, but you must choose the right way to express this feeling.

Valentine's Day Gif For Him;

Although there are various gift options from textiles to bags, from shoes to jewelry, from make-up to underwear among the gifts that can be bought for women, now the range of gifts for men is as diverse as women's. Women who think that gifts for a man are more limited and less diverse than women; You are at the right address! February 14 gifts are presented to you here with different alternatives for men on Takealot Specials Valentine's Day. If you suffer from the problem of gifts for your boyfriend, you can easily find the gift you are looking for on Takealot. Quality men's grooming product sets, glove sets that will warm your hands and heart, shirts that will add elegance to your elegance, electronic products that will be the new favorite of your technology-loving husband and much more are waiting for you among our men's suggestions. Let's take a closer look at these suggestions.

Takealot Console Games, Smartphones, Tablets, and More;

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, among the gift ideas for boyfriend, the most popular are, of course, technological devices. Let's face it; What man wouldn't like a technological device? You can choose a gift to your boyfriend or wife from trendy and technological devices such as tablets, smartphones or console games on Takealot. One of the most romantic surprises for the boyfriend is of course personalized gifts. You can also have a leather wallet, fountain pen, lighter or other stylish product prepared for him with your lover's name on it. Accessories such as Zippo lighter, silver or gold cufflinks or men's wristwatch that you can evaluate by your budget are among the quality and stylish gifts that will be used for a lifetime. In addition, if you have difficulty choosing gifts, you can also browse the perfume types, which are among the very special and meaningful gift ideas. You can give your lover the message of how well the fragrance suits him by giving him the perfume he always uses. And you can invite him to change by taking a brand new fragrance.

Valentine's Day Gif For Her;

Although it is relatively challenging to buy gifts for a boyfriend, it is definitely an easy and enjoyable activity to buy gifts for women! If you are looking for gift suggestions for women; You have the opportunity to choose hundreds of different types even from only make-up and accessory categories. In order to do this, you need to choose the product that suits him best among your options. And show that you know her very well. Even small surprises can be enough to make your girlfriend or wife feel special. Red roses, one of the symbols of Valentine's Day, and a delicious red chocolate box or gift gold necklace that you can give as a gift can make your loved one happy as you guessed. Of course, there are many different gift options to surprise women.

Takealot Perfumes & Jewelery;

From household items to clothing products, from perfumes to jewelery, from electrical kitchen appliances to a new mobile phone, many products are already attracting the attention of women. A special perfume you will buy for her will make her remember you whenever she squeezes the perfume. And a stylish necklace that she can always wear will live close to her heart as a symbol of your love. You can also consider a silver jewelery set, a stylish and charming watch or a glamorous gold necklace. Another product group that women can never say no to is of course shoes and bags. You will surely make her very happy with a heel or leather bag you buy for her! Valentine's Day is a wonderful and special day. Of course, we should express our love for the person we love not just one day of the year, but every day of the year and make us feel the value we give to her/him. It wouldn't hurt to make use of this day, which is an opportunity to make a pleasant surprise for him/her, too. You can browse Takealot Catalogue where you can find many gift options from clothes to holiday deals, jewelery to personalized gifts. And add happiness to your happiness and love to your love by choosing a special gift for your lover. If you are thinking about what to buy a gift for a lover, do not forget to browse the home page!

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Here are the latest Takealot Specials! You can find many more on this catalogue. Therefore, you should browse all the pages and get the best for your loved ones. Also, not only Takealot, many stores category pages are available on Especials. You should browse them too and see the best discounts and products. Moreover, you can subscribe to them with your email. Thus, you can see the latest specials of your favorite brands in South Africa. And, you should follow us on our social media accounts such as Facebook! We share the latest catalogue regularly for you!

Takealot Specials Big Toy Sale 24 January 2021

Time to check out Takealot Specials Big Toy Sale 24 January 2021! You can save up to 40% on many popular and quality toys. Now is the time to make your kids happy! Many types of toys like educational and characters can be browsable on this Takealot Catalogue. Therefore, you should browse all the pages and discover the best toys! takealot specials big toy sale 24 january 2021 width=

Takealot Specials Big Toy Sale 24 January 2021;

The way to make children and sometimes adults happy is through toys. If the options on the shopping site you visit are affordable and of good quality, you are in the right place. Toy kitchen sets are one of the most preferred toys for girls. Puzzle sets are indispensable for both children and adults. If you are looking for educational and educational games, you should continue to browse the toys section. We are aware that Barbie dolls are very popular. Takealot are bringing you these affordable dolls now.

Puzzles & Slime;

You cannot find a variety of puzzle toys that improve children's hand and eye coordination everywhere, but Takealot is available. One of the most famous toys of recent times should be slime. You can also buy a slime set in Takealot Specials. We also consider babies. You can choose rattle toys. Every child wants to have a toy. However, the toy options that each child wants differ. Some children are interested in toy cars, some in dolls, and some in different categories. Finding a toy suitable for each child's interest sometimes becomes a very demanding task. Takealot offers you all toy options with quite a lot of alternatives with just one click. It allows you to make the fastest and most practical shopping. You can easily shop from Takealot Big Toy Sale with toys that you can choose with your children and see clearly.

Toys for All Ages;

Toy options are available for children of all ages. You can find a wide variety of products that can attract not only children but also parents. They publish the products of many brands and the most economical price opportunities for you. One of the most popular categories is the category that includes dollhouse options. Takealot brings you together with many toy houses that can be suitable for every child and every area. Those who want can benefit from these toy houses in the garden, in the living room or in the playroom. These toy houses, where children can enter and create their own playground, have quite a lot of options. It is possible for people of all budgets to have.


It is possible for children to use it both in the garden and in the house. In addition to being a very easy to install and easy to collect product, it can adapt to any area with its ideal size. In addition to these houses where children can easily create their own space, there are also toy houses in which they can play with their babies. These toy houses are usually smaller in size than the ones they can fit into. Small dollhouses are great options for children to have fun. Many floor and design options are available. You can easily buy the home option that your child loves and is suitable for your budget with Takealot 2021 Sale. If you also need a doll to play with, Takealot also lists baby toy options with the most economical prices for you.

Takealot Discounted Toys;

If you buy the products you need to buy at a discount, you will have a more profitable purchase. Takealot makes it easy for you to keep track of these discount periods. There are many product options for toy, one of the most popular products. Takealot Specials Big Toy Sale brings these product options together for you and allows you to have the toy you need, want or like. One of the most popular categories is the toy options known as summer and garden games. These are products that can be played outside in the summer and take up more space than normal toys. Products such as tents, swings, slides and ball pools are some of the best examples of these toys. You can buy these products to create your children's own playground. Possible to use at home as well as in the garden; There are also many toy options such as rocking horse.

Educational Toys;

Toys are among the indispensable products for children to have a good time. In order to have these toys at the most affordable prices, you should have a look at Takealot Catalogue. In addition to being fun, it is also very important that the toys are instructive. Among the educational toys, there are also those related to music. Toy piano options can be a great entertainment tool for your kids. It can also be a great option to instill a love of music in children. These toys are generally designed in a way that you can choose according to the age of the children. In addition to the piano, there are many musical instruments such as toy drums, drums and guitars. You can buy one of these toys so that children can engage in music the way they want, so that they can get acquainted with music at an early age and maybe meet their talents. Takealot offers you many toy options that you can buy and make your children and maybe yourself happy. You can reach the toy you are looking for more easily by minimizing the category you want. One of the most sought after categories is doll options. It can be said that it is a classic toy option that almost every child will like. Dolls differ according to their quality and model. Takealot offers you most of the dolls on the market, showing all the price options available. In this way, you can quickly buy the doll that fits your budget.

Disney Collection from Takealot;

Disney manages to create unforgettable characters in every animation it presents to children in every movie it introduces to the audience. It has always been a movie that has been watched with interest, thanks to both its broadcasts on its channel and its separate animations. In this respect, Disney puts its signature on many animations that are cult. The children watching the animations create new and very wide imaginations for themselves with the characters coming from there. These toys become the eating companions of some children and the sleep companions of some children. Each new movie that is born brings with it a new star character and a new series. Many beloved characters created by many Disney movies have been paintings and designs on many accessories, clothes, bags, games, toys. The toys and items of each of these beloved characters have been preferred by many people, from children to adults.

What Are the Types of Disney Toys?

Disney toys have a wide variety of products that expand with each new movie. Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse, Winnie the Pooh, Frozen, Tinker Bell, Disney Princess, Lost Fish Dori, Toy Story, Princess Sofia, Minnie Mouse, Cars, Lion Guard, Doctor Dottie, Marvel, Matter, Mikey Mouse, Princess Rapunzel , Alice, Miles Beyond Tomorrow, Star Wars, Princess Elena are just some of these characters. It offers this wide range of products to its customers on Takealot Specials. Disney toy varieties have numerous toys from the current adult group, starting from cartoon characters to the latest animated movie. Donald Duck, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy, one of the oldest; It has a cult content as animation. Donald Duck and Daisy are ducks and Pluto and Goofy are dogs. He is watched with interest thanks to his fun adventures. Just as Disney worked to appeal to a wide audience while making these productions, it strived for the toys and symbols bearing the characters to be in the same way. Takealot has acted the same in this regard. Takealot has every model of all kinds of these characters, small and medium. These toys have a soft structure and their small size is 9cm. Hand-washable plush toys are made of polyester material. Medium-sized plush is 18 cm tall and soft. These affordable toys are among the most preferred, although small and medium sizes also vary. Takealot appeals to every pocket with its cheap and expensive options. They also aim to reach a wide audience about toys. It is easy to find every favorite character in Takealot, from the first animation that Disney put out when he started this work to the last animation he made so far! Here is Takealot Specials Big Toy Sale! If you want to see more products, deals, and specials, visit the home page. Also, you can subscribe to your favorite brands with your email. Browse category pages and find your favorite stores. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!