Takealot Specials 23 Mar – 5 Apr 2021

Hundreds of exclusive selection, reasonable prices, and unbeatable deals have been announced by Takealot Specials 23 March 2021! Wearable techs, electronics, appliances, and many more are available on this Takealot Catalogue. Therefore, you should check all the pages and explore the best items with unbeatable offers!

Takealot Electronics

Electronic products offer you convenience in many different areas of your life. You can find product models with designs developed according to your needs in Takealot. Electronic products provide ideal use in your business, daily or academic life. And these products allow you to perform practical operations. You can find the models with the features you are looking for among the products that have new functions and help you to complete your needs completely.

You can easily examine the designs that create practical use areas in both cleaning and cooking, and the product types that will allow you to have a pleasant time in your hobbies. Get anything you are looking for, from electrical household appliances to product options such as computer equipment that offer personal use, with Takealot Specials!

Takealot Specials 23 Mar – 5 Apr 2021

  • Samsung Fit Fitness Tracker Band, R 999
  • Ematic AGT419 4K (UltraHD) Quad Core Android TV Box, R 1,199
  • Samsung 58″ QLED SMART TV, R 14,695
  • Canon 800D 24.2MP DSLR with 18-55mm Lens, R 9,999
  • Epson EcoTank L3150 ITS Printer, R 2,999
  • Adata 12500 mAh Power Bank, R 269
  • Polaroid Wireless Earbuds, R 299
  • Skullcandy Sesh True Wireless In-Ear, R 599
  • Apple AirPods Pro, R 3,999
  • Apple iPhone 12 256GB, R 20,999
  • SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive 32GB, R 82
  • Volkano Crystal Series Wireless Mouse, R 85
  • DStv WiFi Connector – USB 3000, R 189
  • VIZIA WiFi UPS 57,000mWh 5/9/12V Mini DC Backup Battery Power, R 1,549
  • Unitek 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub 80cm Cable, R 85

Products such as wired or Bluetooth headphones, mouse, USB cables, powerbank, charger, phone holder and case are on sale! You can easily find product models that are frequently preferred among electronic products here. Thanks to the electronic product options with ergonomic designs, you can easily get the performance you desire. Add the products that are suitable for your tastes and needs among the product options that offer different features and opportunities to your basket immediately!

Thermal Paste

Heating is one of the most dangerous situations for computers. The healthy functioning of computers is made possible by the temperature levels of all electronic components within certain ranges.

Overheating can lead to a loss of performance in computers and even permanent damage to parts where they can lose their functionality. Thermal pastes play an important role in protecting computers with their structures that prevent computer components from overheating. It is possible to reach them on this Takealot Online Specials!

Apple Watches on Takealot!

Wearable technology products allow you to check data on the smartphone you connect, as well as some of your health and activity information. One of the most striking among wearable technology products is the Apple Watch. Apple Watch Watch offers advanced features of Apple to users in the best possible way. Apple Watch was appreciated for its design and features. It takes its place in Takealot with the most affordable prices and many different model options.

Apple Watch Models

Every year, Apple adds a new model to its watch series called Watch. Each model contains unique innovations and advanced technologies. At the same time, the products have differences in terms of design, color and appearance.

Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch SE and Series 6 are among the Watch models. In addition to their models, the products also vary with their dial sizes and band designs. In addition to dial sizes such as 38 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm, there are also different color options such as space gray, silver and black. There are many color options. You can personalize your watch and create your own Watch model by choosing the strap models offered for sale separately.

Takealot Specials 23 March 2021;

  • Apple Watch Series 6 44mm GPS + Cellular – Gold, R 11,499
  • Apple Watch Nike Series 6 40mm GPS + Cellular – Silver Aluminium, R 10,999
  • Nike Series 5 44mm GPS Only Silver Aluminium Case, R 8,145
  • Apple Watch SE 40mm GPS Only – Gold Aluminium, R 8,499
  • Apple Watch Series 4 44mm GPS Only, Silver Aluminium, R 6,999
  • Nike Series 5 40mm GPS Only Space Grey Aluminium Case, R 6,889

Apple Watch Specs

Apple Watch akıllı saatler birçok farklı teknolojiye sahip. Bu sayede kullanıcılarına büyük faydalar sunuyor. Ürünler, gelişmiş sensör teknolojileri sayesinde kalp atış hızınızı takip edebiliyor. Bu şekilde hem günlük hayatınızdaki hem de aktiviteleriniz sırasındaki kalp atış hızınızı görebilirsiniz.

Apple Watch contributes to keeping track of the calories you burn in your activity. These activity options do not only cover the activities you do in the gym. You can use your Apple Watch safely and without fear in the pool or in the sea. With watches that can resist to a certain level under water, you can wear the product in every moment of your life and in all your activities, and you can benefit from technology.

Apple Watch models have large capacities. They contribute to storing your data on your wrist as well as on your phone and accessing this data with a single click. Watch models, which are perfectly compatible with your iPhones thanks to their various connectivity features, manage to meet your needs and requests with advanced processors, operating systems and more.

Save on Apple Watch with Takealot!

Apple Watch models allow you to make choices according to your wrist structure and wishes with different dial options. At the same time, the products have different color options. If you wish, you can use the strap available with your watch. You can also choose different bands among the Apple Watch band options.

Apple Watch smartwatch prices can be found very conveniently on Takealot. The prices of the products can also decrease during Takealot discount and campaign periods. You can also view Apple Watch models, prices, designs and more on Takealot.

Here is the Takealot Specials 23 March 2021! There are many specials on this Takealot online catalogue. Therefore, you should browse all the pages and explore the best selections and good deals! Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts like Facebook and subscribe to us with your email!


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