Woolworths Specials 25 Jul – 7 Aug 2022

Check out the month-end savings, instant savings for WreWards, and many good deals with Woolworths Specials 25 July 2022! There are many ways to save more on your grocery shopping here. If you have a shopping list, let’s find your needs on this Woolworths Catalogue!

Woolworths Specials 25 July 2022;

When it comes to shopping for food and drink, there is the right store for every occasion. We recommend Woolworths stores so that you can do your daily, weekly or monthly shopping cheaply.

Woolworth, which is an expert in daily consumption needs, has a very wide product range. Especially in food products, they work with many brands and place the most natural and highest quality of everything on their shelves. Enjoy your peace of mind with your vegetable and fruit shopping at Woolworths. For the freshest vegetables and fruits suitable for the season, it is enough to stop by the Woolworths store closest to you.

Moreover, you can stock up on your fridge by following the weekly offers of Woolworths, the weekly beverage. Let’s check these pretty good prices and don’t miss them! These prices are valid 7 August 2022! Hurry up!

Woolworths Specials This Week;

  • Crumbed Chicken Schnitzels, Extra 5% OFF!
  • Stewing Beef per kg, R99.99
  • Jacobs Krönung 200g, R99.99
  • 2-Ply Toilet Paper 18 pack, R99.99
  • Potted Arum Lilies 14 cm, R159.99
  • Arum Lilies in Tin, R209.99
  • Fiesta Tutti Frutti Bouquet, R159.99
  • Little Green and Red Apples 1kg, Save R10!
  • Pink Lady Apples and Forelle Pears, Save R15
  • Pick & Mix Vegetables, Buy any 2 Save R10!
  • Sliced Mushrooms 250g, Buy any 2 for R50
  • Single Diced Vegetables, Buy any 2 for R40
  • Mixed Vegetable Bags, 2 for R55
  • Freshly Cut Soup Mixes, 2 for R60
  • Easy Wok Combo, 3 for R65
  • Bulk Prepared Vegetable Sides or Salads, Save 20%!
  • Mixed Leaf Salad Bags, Buy 2 Save R15!
  • Sweet & Sticky Pork Loin Ribs kg, R179.99
  • Wafer Thin Smoked Ham 125g, Save R15!
  • Hake Fish Cakes 400g, R84.99
  • 24 Chicken Portions kg, R56.99
  • FREE Range 24 Chicken Portions, R61.99
  • Whole Chicken kg, R54.99
  • 18 Free Range Large Eggs 18 pack, R59.99
  • Kebabs and Espetadas, Save 20%!
  • Thick & Creamy Fruited Yoghurts 1kg, R70
  • Plant Powered Yoghurt, Buy any 2 Save 25%!
  • Full Cream Maas 2kg, 2 for R58
  • Double Cream Plain Yoghurt 1kg, 2 for R75
  • Ayrshire Character Full Cream Flavoured Yoghurt, 2 for R50
  • Frozen Panko Crumbed Hake 550g, R89.99
  • Stracciatella or Vanilla Ice Cream, 2 for R150
  • Frozen Prawn Scewers and Garlic Prawns, R164.99
  • Swiss rolls, Brownies and Tartlets, Buy any 2, Save R10!
  • Garlic Butter Buguette or Ciabatta, Buy 2 Save R10


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