Woolworths Specials Black Friday 22 Nov – 5 Dec 2021

Check out the best BLACK FRIDAY DEALS with Woolworths Specials 22 November 2021! Many popular products are on discount now! If you need something from this Woolworths Catalogue, you shouldn’t miss these amazing prices! Check Woolies Black Friday Deals!

Woolworths Specials 22 November 2021;

Woolies Black Friday Sale promises extraordinary prices on a wide range of groceries this week! You should view these discounted products and amazing deals to save more on these special days! Many specialbuys are waiting for you on this Woolworths Catalogue! When you check it out, you will see many good groceries. Especially, you should focus on discounted products. For example; when you buy 2 of Dairy Ice Cream, you will pay only R130! Also, if it is time to weekly shopping, you should view their fresh and quality everyday items! Long life milk 6 x 1l box is only R74.99.

Also, if you have a Woolies card, you can save an extra! This special card promises instant savings on Woolies favourites and everyday items!

Woolworths Specials This Week;

  • Uncooked Deboned Gammon, 20% SAVE!
  • Stewing Beef, R79.99 per kg.
  • Crumbed Chicken Schnitzels, R119.99
  • 24 Chicken Portions, R55.99 per kg.
  • Gouda or Cheddar Cheese, 2 for R150
  • Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil, R124.99
  • Mixed Vegetable Bags, 2 for R55
  • Smoked Sweet Paprika or Smoked Russians Sausages, 2 for R90
  • Chicken or Turkey Steaklets, R57.99
  • Thick & Creamy Fruited Yoghurt, 2 for R65
  • Bulk Prepared Melons, R20
  • Norwegian Salmon Portion, R209.99
  • Free Range Large Eggs, R109.99
  • Frikkadels or Chicken Nuggets, Buy 2 Save R30
  • Italian Prepared Meals and Bowls, R30
  • Smooth Flavoured Yoghurt, 2 for R34
  • Marinated Poultry Braai Range, SAVE 20%
  • Canned Shredded Tuna, 3 for R48
  • Cake Wheat Flour, R23.99
  • Parboiled Long Grain White Rice, R24.99
  • Assorted 100% Fruit Juice Blends, 4 for R76
  • W.Lab Dishwash Liquid Thick Bleach, 2 for R45
  • Nescafe Cappuccino Sticks, 2 for R80
  • Selected Italian Canned Tomatoes, 5 for R60
  • Roasted & Salted Peanuts & Raisins, 2 for R60
  • Hand Cooker Crisps or Sticks, 3 for 2!
  • Woolies Sparkling Drinks, SAVE R25!
  • 100% Fruit and Vegetable Juice Blends, 2 for R78
  • Large Rice or Corn Cakes, 2 for R40
  • Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid, 2 for R46
  • Handy Andy, 2 for R40
  • Skip Intelligent Powder or Liquid, R57
  • Pretzels or Pretzel Thins, 2 for R60
  • Ferrero Rocher, R169
  • Fanta, Sprite, or Stoney, 3 for R54

So here is the latest Woolworths Catalogue this week! If you want to take a look at more specials, discounts, and catalogues, you should view the home page. Also, you can subscribe to us with your email and see the latest catalogues in South Africa!

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