Woolworths Specials Magnificent Patisserie 5 October 2020

Delicious and fresh bakery products such as muffins, croissants, and cakes are available on Woolworths Specials Magnificent Patisserie 5 October 2020! Product selection and reasonable prices make this magnificent patisserie part wonderful! Bulk assorted muffin 12pk is only R74.99! Also, Chocolate Mousse 1l is on sale! If you buy it, you will save up to R7! It is only R39.99! You shouldn’t miss these reasonable prices!

Bakery products and desserts offered for sale by Woolworths have a wide variety of products. There is a large variety of products in the aisles for small snacks and great desserts. You can easily choose and buy the most delicious products that will appeal to your taste buds. Woolworths offers a completely different comfort in kitchen shopping.

You can easily browse and buy products, each of which is very tasty. In addition to pre-packaged products that are sold ready-made, there are also product types waiting to be made after they are received in the package. Small snack products are also included in the category.

This catalog also includes a variety of desserts that are sold and waiting to be prepared in powder form. Your homemade dessert is ready minutes after you unpack it. Easy to make, simple and fun desserts endear the people who eat themselves with their taste. Puddings, chocolate sauces, cake types, creams, jellies, puddings, and cakes are some of these dessert types. You can find all the products and even more varieties in the catalog and in the store and buy them immediately.

Woolworths Specials Magnificent Patisserie 5 October 2020;

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