Avon Brochure April 2021

Check out the most popular products of the new season with Avon Brochure April 2021! We are approaching the winter season and it’s time to change cosmetics! You can buy products from many categories at attractive prices.

It’s a particularly good time to change your perfume. Buy your favorite winter scents from Avon and save money!

How To Find Your Signature Scent

Finding the scent that will become your signature can take some time. Sometimes he can make the wrong choices while searching. You can use the wrong perfume for years or go back to the one you previously gave up. We think it’s okay to try a little bit for a scent to blend with your skin.

First Impressions Matters

Some perfumes can smell so beautiful to make you dizzy the first time you smell them. However, there is a possibility that it will turn into a completely different situation within a few hours. Try the perfume you want to buy beforehand and give it some time.

Perfume designers do this job not because they have better scent perception than you do, but because they have more advanced abilities to understand the content. So focus on whether you like that fragrance rather than whether you really smell it well. If the scent of a perfume sounds good to you, don’t force yourself to understand the notes.

Do Not Forget The Other Products You Use

On the day you go shopping for perfumes, try not to use shower gel, deodorant, or lotions that have strong scents. These can prevent you from getting the right fragrance of the perfume you tried. If you are already using perfume, you may want to choose a new one that will go well with it. For this reason, don’t forget to squeeze out your usual perfume on the shopping day.

Don’t tire your nose too much

The only thing that will sabotage you while shopping for perfume is actually the same thing you need most; your nose! Since you will often smell different scents, you may not be able to tell the difference between perfumes after a while because your nose will be tired. So stop when you are bored or when all the perfumes start to feel the same. Forcing yourself will not help you.

When trying out a perfume, use cardboard blotter to get the first impression; If you like it, apply it to your skin. While trying each perfume, squeeze a small section on your skin so that the scents don’t mix. If you are only going to try a perfume then make sure to spray it on your neck or wrists.

If you are looking for a good perfume, you should browse this Avon April 2021 Brochure! There are many special fragrances here. Also, they are on sale with special savings!

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