Avon Brochure Beat the Winter 1 – 30 June 2022

Fabulous discounts on your wishlist items are waiting for you on Avon Brochure Beat the Winter June 2022! You can save up to 70% on the most popular AVON products! You can beat the winter chill with these special offers! Let’s take a look at them!

Avon Brochure Beat the Winter June 2022;

In addition to cosmetics, you can find many fashion accessories and clothing products in this AVON Catalogue. They have got covered on your mid-year break! Especially, you shoud focus on products of David Tlale! Awesome designs and stylish selections can be browsable on this leaflet! Also, we shared winter makeup tips on this article! You should read it and follow the steps!

Winter Tips with AVON;

As we change the style of our clothes seasonally, we also change our hair color and even our make-up style. Winter trends, dominated by colder and pastel tones, are also reflected in make-up. It seems that this year, a make-up style where you can create impressive looks with black eyeliner will be a trend. With softer colored lipsticks and other make-up items, you will achieve a look that is in harmony with nature. While the lips remain in peach tones, the rosy cheeks seem to attract attention. Eyebrows have also had their share from this year’s winter make-up, where we focused on the eyes. With more prominent eyebrows, the gaze will gain even more depth. Let’s view the latest AVON Brochure and discover many special makeup!

The main factor that completes a make-up is definitely skin make-up. Without skin make-up, neither eye make-up nor lips appear. Here, in your winter make-up, we tell you that if you can’t get along with foundation or foundation, BB or CC creams should definitely be in your winter make-up bag.

AVON Eyeshadow Palette

Eye makeup in bronze tones is very fashionable this season! While you can use bronze as a single color in your day make-ups, you can shade the corners with dark metallic brown tones in your night make-ups.

AVON Mascaras

This season, voluminous eyelashes are in fashion like never before! Whether you’re wearing dark eye makeup or not, don’t forget to apply your mascara. AVON brand, which is one of the affordable brands, left its mark this summer with its waterproof mascara. Do not miss out on this mascara, which is resistant to rain and cold weather in winter months.

AVON Blush

Rose blushes are in fashion this winter season. Blush in dry rose tones, which can be compatible with all kinds of headlights and lipstick tones, will be indispensable for your winter make-up. Even if you don’t wear any make-up, you can get a lively and healthy look just by applying blush.

AVON Lipsticks

Winter makeup means dark lips! Dark lipsticks are very popular this season! Various dark lipsticks from many brands are already on the market! I can say that there is no one who has not heard how popular and successful AVON matte lipsticks are!

So here are the latest AVON Specials in South Africa! If you want to discover more cosmetics, deals, and catalogues, you should visit category page of AVON. Also, visit the home page and other category pages to see more catalogues. Moreover, subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts!


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