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Your skin tone is one of the key points for the right make-up. The key to different results when applying the same make-up to someone with the same skin color is the difference in the undertone of your skin. Therefore, determining the skin undertone correctly becomes one of the best tips to make up like a professional. There are a few details on how to detect the undertone. Here are those details!

If you are complaining about not being able to find the right alternative even though you buy many make-up products, it may mean that you cannot determine the correct skin tone. When you realize your true undertone color, you can easily choose the right products. In addition, you can achieve a smooth and natural look at the same time after foundation. The lipstick you apply can create a professional make-up effect on your face.

The Difference Between Natural Skin Tone and Undertone

Two people with the same natural skin color can have different undertones. For this reason, even if you use products with many color types, such as foundation, you are likely to get different results. The differences between them are;
Skin tone is usually defined by different color tones such as ivory, light, medium, dark.
Undertone, on the other hand, is considered as the tones found in the lower layer of the skin’s surface, categorized as warm, neutral and cool.

Warm, Neutral, and Cool Tones

The view that light skin tones automatically have cool undertones and darker skin tones have warmer undertones is completely wrong. A light-skinned person may have a warm undertone, while a dark-skinned person may have a cool undertone. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to a few tips.
If you have a pinkish, red or bluish complexion then it means you have a cool undertone.
If you have an ivory, peach, or golden hue, you have a warm undertone.
Unlike both, if you have both color types, your skin has a neutral undertone.

A few simple tips to detect your undertone

You can easily determine your own undertone without asking professional makeup artists. There are a few tests you need to do at this point.

Vascular test: Pay attention to the color of your veins. You can spot this by looking at the veins in your arm. Greenish veins indicate a warm undertone, and purplish or bluish veins indicate a cooler undertone. Also, if you can see veins in both colors, it means you have a neutral undertone.

Check your jewelry: When you look at your jewelry box and see that you use more gold colors, it means you have a warm undertone. People with cold undertones prefer silver-colored jewelry.

Sun test: Checking how your skin reacts when exposed to the sun will also give an accurate result. People with warm undertones usually transition from golden to bronze easily under the sun, while people with cool undertones blush easily and burn when exposed to too much sun.

White shirt test: If you see that you usually use white in your closet, it may be because you realize that it suits you better with cold undertones. People with warm undertones prefer more brown, tan or off-white tones.

People with a warm undertone

Foundation: Use a light yellow foundation. They are often labeled by names such as gold, honey or warm beige.
Lipstick: You can use vibrant tones to reveal your radiance more. For example; orange, brick color and red-earth tones allow you to achieve the perfect harmony with your tone.
Blush: You can use a blush with an orange and red base color to complement your undertone. Thus, you can achieve a more radiant and harmonious make-up tone.

People with a cool undertone

Foundation: A foundation with a pink undertone will be one of the best choices. People with cool undertones can usually look for the “C” sign when making this choice.
Lipstick: You can choose a lipstick with undertones such as blue and purple, such as plum or cherry red. In addition, lipsticks in black mulberry or blackberry tones are also one of the best options.
Blush: You can choose a soft pink or peach blush to integrate with the best color tone.

If you have a neutral undertone

Foundation: You can choose shades that are not too pink or too yellow. Some brands put “N” for neutral tones.
Lipstick: If you have a natural tone, pink tones will be one of the most ideal options. For darker skin, you can also choose mauve tones.
Blush: While making this choice, you can easily choose almost any tone. So any coloring can offer the best look for you.

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