Avon Brochure Colour Your Summer 22 – 31 October 2021

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How does the summer affect your skin?

Summer and the sun are concepts and elements that are often mentioned together. Holiday, nature, sea, sand and swimming together mean different but beautiful meanings for everyone. However, one thing is certain; The common denominator of summer for everyone is the sun. Although the sun physically challenges people with its features such as humidity, intense light and heat effect, especially the summer season is full of wonderful and unique opportunities for people. Sunny days of summer offer good opportunities for people to have fun, relax, have a good time with their families, children and loved ones, and live a life in total peace, away from the stress of work, alone with the sea, nature and sand.

Protect Your Skin with AVON SPF!

Sun; It is a risk factor that we need to take precautions and precautions for our skin in summer. Because the ultraviolet effects of sun rays bring along important risks on our skin, facial skin, facial skin, especially around our eyes and general body skin. Yes, being alone with the sun, swimming in the sea, tanning our skin in the sun is beautiful, the opportunities we encounter are fun, but contact with uncontrolled unconscious sun rays brings us a much more intense risk cluster. So, you should use SPF products! Avon Brochure includes many good selections! You should give a chance to their products and get maximum results!

Especially in summer, the critical decisions we will make in the contact of our skin with the sun’s rays and in the skillful management of this contact will be very important. Both for ourselves and especially for the little members of our family. It is our responsibility to raise awareness in them at the point of contact with the sun.

Use Sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun

The first thing to know is that every time we go out in the sun and before every contact with the sun’s rays, we must reduce this interaction with the effects of sunscreen cream. A properly selected sunscreen is very important and valuable in minimizing the effects of the sun on our body with SPF products. So, you should check out the latest Avon Brochure and view the best selections at low prices!

AVON Sun Care;

Why is sunscreen used?

Let’s just say that among the benefits of sunscreen, the most important issue for us is our skin; It is the protection against the aging effects of strong sunlight that spoil the skin, dry the skin and negatively change the water and moisture balance of the skin. If you are looking for a good sunscreen, you should browse the latest AVON Catalog! There are many useful selections here!

Applying sunscreen with a certain factorial effect on the skin is the first and most important personal care and protection measure we can take before going out in the sun. Considering that thinning and tearing has occurred in the protective layers of our little blue planet, such as the ozone layer, especially in recent years, and that these are frequently the subject of news bulletins, the importance of the issue becomes even more evident. Of course, this situation brings with it a great danger.

AVON Moisturizers;

Our skin and our skin protect us against external factors. However, we also have a special duty to our skin, which consciously gives us life. It is a routine that we do our sun skin care. It is to fulfill our duty with conscious awareness to this precious organ that carries us life. A happy life lies in the fact that you react to life’s challenges with a higher consciousness.

So here is Avon Brochure Colour Your Summer! If you want to check out more Avon Products, deals, and beauty tips, visit its category page. Also, you can subscribe to AVON with your email and follow us on our social media accounts! Here you go!


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