AVON Brochure July 2022

AVON Brochure July 2022 is where you will discover the latest discounts and popular Avon products this month! Many useful cosmetics, fashion, accessories, clothing, and more can be browsable on this Avon Catalogue. Let’s view their discounts and products! Here u go!

7 Days with New Anew Power Serum

It has never been easier to have beautiful and glowing skin with skin care routines. With Anew Power Serum, the most powerful member of the revolutionary Protinol technology, it is very easy to achieve a much younger and healthier glowing skin appearance in 1 week. Now is the time to believe in miracles with the new Anew Power Serum, which provides 100% visible results in just 7 days!

Do you want to have a younger and healthier glowing skin in 1 week? We bring you collagen support with Protinol Technology. With Anew Power Serum, the newest and most powerful member of the revolutionary award-winning Protinol technology, it is no longer impossible to have a much younger and healthier glowing skin appearance in just 1 week.

Exclusive to Avon, the award-winning Anew Protinol technology works to support the production of baby collagen, which is present in everyone but then decreases. The new Anew Power Serum supports the establishment of a collagen balance that works in harmony by affecting both Collagen 1 and Collagen 3, known as baby collagen, with the Protinol dual collagen support in its content. At the same time, it protects the collagen in the skin and renews the skin surface with Niacinamide, a vitamin B derivative contained in the formula.

With Anew Power Serum, which provides 100% visible results, you can observe 7 signs of a much younger looking skin in 1 week:

  • Lightening FINE LINE appearance
  • TIGHTER-looking skin
  • HEALTHY radiant skin appearance
  • SMOOTH-looking skin
  • Reduced PORES appearance
  • STRONGER looking skin

AVON Specials This Month;

  • Anew Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Tonic 200ml, R129
  • Anew Skin Reset Plumping Shots 7 x 1.3 ml, R369
  • Nutraeffects Matte Micellar Water 400ml, R105
  • Anew Hydra Pro Vita-D Water Cream 50ml, R229
  • Avon Care Rose Water Cleansing Toner 100ml, R40
  • Anew Renewal Power Serum 30ml, R319
  • Clearskin Pore & Shine Control Charcoal Soap Bar 75 grams, R25
  • Anew Anti-Wrinkle Plumping Concentrate & Hydra Pro Vita-D Water Cream, R399
  • Clearskin Pore & Shine Control Purifying Charcoal Mask 75ml, R89
  • Anew Lifting Dual Eye System 20ml, R229
  • Clearskin Professional Green Tea Overnight Treatment 50ml, R89
  • Clearskin Pore & Shine Control Gel Purifying Cleanser 125ml, R79
  • Nutraeffects Soothe Micellar Scrub 150ml, R139
  • Anew Brightening Dual Eye System Sample 2.2ml, R10
  • Clearskin Blemish Clearing Jelly Mask 100ml, R82.90
  • Oxypure Oxygenating Cleansing Foam 150ml, R99
  • Avon Ageless Protecting Day Cream SPF 30 50ml, R219
  • Anew Solar Advance Invisible Protective Mist SPF 50 100ml, R219
  • Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Fresh Clarifying Toner 100ml, R59
  • Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Soothing Exfoliating Cleanser 125ml, R69
  • Anew Purifying Jelly Cleanser 150ml, R149
  • Avon Care Even Tone Face Cream with Vita-Compex 100ml, R79
  • Anew Solar Advance Anti-Wrinkle Ultra Matte Cream SPF 50, R189
  • Clearskin Professional White Clay Toning Treatment 100ml, R89
  • Nutraeffects Nourish Oil Infused Micellar Water 50ml, R24.90
  • Skin so Soft Silky Moisture Tissue Oil 150ml, R124.90
  • Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Liquid Extraction Strip, R69
  • Anew Brightening Dual Eye System 20ml, R249
  • Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Deep Clarifying Mask 75ml, R59
  • Nutraeffects Matte Oil Control Day Cream SPF 20, R119
  • Nutraeffects Nourish Vitamin Rich Facial Oil, R189

So here is the AVON Brochure July 2022! You should browse all the pages and discover the best cosmetics and accessories! Also, you can subscribe to AVON and see the latest Avon Catalogue in South Africa. We share the latest Avon specials!


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