AVON Brochure June 2022

AVON Brochure June 2022 promises the best makeup, skincare, haircare, and much more cosmetics this month! Also, you can discover trendy and quality accoessires on this AVON Catalogue! So, you should view all the pages and find the best !

AVON Brochure June 2022;

Also, we shared some tips for nude makeup with AVON Products! Sometimes there are celebrities that you see in TV series or movies and you are surprised by their naturalness. Faces that look like they have almost no make-up on while surprising you, on the other hand, fascinate you with their simplicity, right? The secret of this is hidden in nude make-up techniques. In this article, we open this veil of secrecy and detail the answer to the question of how to make nude makeup for you. Let’s find out what this term is before we move on to the tips for applying nude makeup, which you can also hear as “no makeup makeup”.

What is Nude Makeup?

Nude make-up does not mean looking like no make-up, contrary to what is often thought. The trick is to resize the face using the right hues. The aim of this make-up type, which is frequently preferred by stars such as Drew Barrymore or Anne Hathaway, is to look beautiful and bright without sacrificing naturalness. When you pay attention to some steps while doing this, you will love the reflection you see in the mirror. Come on, let’s learn together how to make up like there is no makeup in 10 steps.

Nude Makeup Application Step by Step

Cleaning: As with all make-up stages, you should clean your face well before starting nude make-up. When applying makeup to your skin, you don’t want to work on the buildup of dead skin and dirt, do you?


If you are applying nude makeup for daily use, it would be beneficial to choose a light and thin foundation. Models that give your face a natural and velvety appearance or thinner BB creams may work. In this way, your skin will not shine and will shine in its simplest form.


After foundation, you can switch to essential concealer use. The eye area, which can often be darker, becomes the same tone as the rest of your face thanks to these concealer products. So enjoy looking both more energetic and younger! If you also have color inequalities outside your eye area, don’t worry! Various concealer products suitable for your skin type and color come to your rescue at this stage.


After all these steps, it’s time to fix the makeup. You can safely deliver this task to transparent powders. You can easily apply the powder around your eyes. For this, we highly recommend Caudalie, Nuxe or Uriage concealers. Try it, see the difference with your own eyes!


It is possible to find many quality products for contour application, which means highlighting the cheekbones. Apply one of these products right under your cheekbones and gently distribute it to create a shadow. You can easily do this by using contour brushes or makeup sponges. Either way, the result will be great!


If you are one of those who think that adding some sparkle to this matte and natural look would be good, you can choose from illuminator products and apply this product on the area where you have applied the contour. Thus, you double the effect of the contour.

It’s time for the cheeks to apply make-up that seems to disappear. You can switch to using blush to give color to these areas. But the trick here is not to overdo it. When using blush, you must be in a bright place. Thus, you will see how much you have applied the blush on your face and you will be able to end the application when necessary. Create wonders with a blush brush that fits the size of your face.

As we approach the end, we came to the crucial part with the nude eye makeup step. The eyes, which are the most important places on the face, stand out in this make-up with just a few simple touches. The products required for this are one mascara and one eyeliner. You will be surprised how natural and beautiful you look after the application.

We complete the nude makeup with lips. You can proudly finish your makeup application by using a light pink or peach lipstick according to your skin tone. You are now ready!

No Make Up Makeup Items

After giving the answer to the question of how to do no makeup makeup, step by step, the most effective and high-quality materials you can use while applying this make-up are listed. You can become your own make-up artist by using these non-existent make-up materials, and go wherever you want with your most plain and beautiful-looking make-up. First in the ingredient list is the make-up base. The brand we chose for you is AVON. See Avon June 2022 Brochure PDF and discover more details about them!

AVON Magix Shine & Oil Control Primer

The secret of natural make-up that seems to disappear is hidden in keeping the make-up intact on your face for a long time. For this, it is important to use a primer or make-up base. World brand AVON is preferred by many people with its AVON Magix Shine & Oil Control Primer product. The biggest feature of these products is that they are equipped with collagen trigger peptides. Filorga Time Flash make-up bases, which also have an anti-wrinkle effect, do not prevent your skin from breathing as they are not comedogenic. You can use this makeup base after cleansing and moisturizing your skin.

Color Trend Fresh Face Liquid Foundation SPF 15

In our list of nude make-up materials, foundation comes second with the AVON. This product, which is frequently used in nude make-up, helps to protect your face from the harmful effects of the sun and to cover color inequalities. When applying the foundation to the face, it is useful to apply it by buffering with the help of your fingers or sponge. You can get the best results if you start from the middle of the face and go all the way to the neck and ears. Finally, do not forget to ensure the tone equality by feeding the product with the thin side of the sponge to the edges of the nose.

AVON Color Trend Real Matte Pressed Powder

You are in good hands with AVON transparent powder, which is among the products designed to fix nude make-up. You can fix your nude makeup with this powder, which helps to maintain the moisture balance of the skin with its hyaluronic acid content. AVON Color Trend Real Matte Pressed Powder, which has a long-lasting feature thanks to its make-up-retaining effect, also applies protective care.

Avon Unlimited Instant Life Mascara

It’s time for the eyes. Avon Unlimited Instant Life Mascara gives natural volume to the lashes and makes them stand out. If you want to see curled and separated eyelashes in your nude make-up, you should definitely try this product. Do not forget to start the application from the root of the eyelash!

AVON Lipsticks

AVON lipsticks that you can use in nude make-up have a very wide color scale. Youngblood lipsticks, which you can choose according to your skin color, draw attention with their lanolin-free formulas. We have come to the end of our Nude Makeup Materials list with these products, which have a formula enriched with natural oils and vitamins.

Nude Makeup Application Tips


If you want to have a wonderful and natural looking face, you should apply your nude makeup in the most correct way. For this, the first step is very important. With a correct and effective facial cleansing, you can make your make-up look more lively and stay longer. You can ensure your job with AVON facial cleansing foams.


Another important issue in nude makeup is to color your face using the right tones. Using a foundation suitable for your skin color by following the steps above is a start for the coloring step. Then you can shine by using blush, contour and lipstick products.

Nude Eye Makeup:

If you want to have a minimal effect on the eyes, it is useful to turn to eyelashes. Eyelashes, which have a wet look one by one, have the power to affect everyone in front of you. If you say you can’t finish the makeup without an eyeliner, you can choose a dark brown pencil and apply it lightly to the eyes. In this make-up, the lips must look as natural as possible. For this reason, you can complete your make-up by choosing the lipstick or lipstick product closest to your own lip color.

So here is the AVON Brochure June 2022! If you want to discover more products, deals, and catalogues, visit the home page. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts and subscribe to us with your email! Here u go!


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