Avon Brochure Powerstay 9 October 2020

Discover a new era in long-wear makeup with Avon Brochure Powerstay 9 October 2020! You can browse the NEW POWER STAY on this Avon Catalogue. Prices of many favorite Avon Products have been dropped! Also, in this article, we focused on the illuminator. You can read it and you can have more detailed information on this topic.

Makeup is actually a play of light and shadow. While doing this trick, the goal is to highlight the areas that are desired to highlight the bone structure of the face and to pull back the areas that are desired to be covered. Illuminators and concealers are used to make this application.

What is an illuminator?

Illuminators, also called highlighters, are produced in different forms and are used to highlight the areas you want to highlight in your make-up by containing small sparkles. Besides, it makes you look alive because you will shine brightly when you encounter the light. The only thing to be careful about is to adjust the amount of product well while applying the illuminator. It may cause you to look dull when you use it less, and a wet or oily appearance when you apply too much.

Liquid illuminators: These are illuminators in liquid form. It is difficult to use as it is difficult to control and is tedious to correct when you make mistakes. In addition, if you do not need to use foundation or powder as a skin product, these illuminators will be easily fixed on your skin.

Powder illuminator: These are illuminators in powder form and packaged in compressed form. It is the most widely used type of illuminator. Also, it offers the opportunity to adjust the amount as you wish by applying little by little. It is recommended to apply with a brush.

Cream illuminator: They are the easiest to use illuminators. You can use the stick form ones by applying directly to your skin and distributing them with your hand.

How is the illuminator applied?

First of all, the first step is to choose the right illuminator. After choosing the type of illuminator that suits you, it is necessary to decide on the illuminator color. Your skin subtone is very important when choosing a highlighter. If you have a warm skin tone, we recommend that you choose products with yellow undertones and a cool skin tone with blue undertones.

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