Avon Brochure September 2021

Avon Brochure September 2021 is where you will encounter the best cosmetics and unbeatable deals this month! Skincare, personal care, fragrances, makeup, and many more can be browsable on this Avon Brochure! So, you will find your favorite Avon Products at low prices!

Beauty Tips During Winter with Avon Products

You should use care cream on your face and body to prevent drying. When performing skin care in winter, you should use protective lotion to protect your skin after shower and bath. So you should apply moisturizers suitable for your face type after each bath. Choose to use shower cream or shower oil in winter.

Avon Skincare from Avon September 2021 Brochure;

In winter, depending on the skin type, the dead layer of the skin should be renewed with gel, cream or masks. We can eliminate the exfoliation of the skin by peeling.

In winter, it is necessary to protect hands from cold with gloves. In cold weather, hand creams containing glycerin, petroleum jelly, lanolin should be applied more frequently, hand soaps should be creamy or oily. To prevent the hands from cracking, moisturizer should be used at regular intervals. To prevent the hands from cracking, it is also necessary to avoid hand soaping with hot water and wrong soap.

The feet should be protected by regularly using thick socks, boots, and products suitable for feet that stay in boots for a long time in winter. Also, one of the biggest problems of the winter months is the feet that are dry, dehydrated and in danger of cracking. You should foot care once a week.

Avon Food Care;

Since the lip structure is thin, it is easily affected by the cold in winter. You should support your lips with the appropriate moisturizer. So you should protect your lips with lip balm that you can use at any time. Also, you should avoid licking and eating your chapped lips.

Sun protection should also be continued during the winter months. It is necessary to be protected even if there is no direct sunlight in winter. In the winter season, preservatives in the form of sprays, creams or lotions between SPF15 or SPF30 should be used. With regular care, you can have a nice and healthy winter season. See Avon Catalogue September 2021.

Avon Sun Protection;

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