AVON Brochure Spread The Joy Of Giving 1 – 30 Nov 2021

Discover all the gifts you need to make magical memories with AVON Brochure 1 Nov 2021! A wide range of products and pretty good prices can be browsable on this AVON Catalogue! You should check all the pages and enjoy shopping with AVON!

Also, we share practical summer skincare tips on this article. You should read this article and use Avon skin care products to get maximum results! You should follow these steps and get the healtiest and beautiful look with Avon Products! Prices of these products are valid from 1 November 2021 until 30 November 2021! Hurry up!

Practical Summer Skin Care Tips

If you want to have a healthy skin, first of all, you should apply your skin care regularly. Before you go on vacation, you should take products that are good for your skin with you. Every woman’s dream is a healthy and glowing skin. It is always pleasant to go on vacation, but the salty sea water and the harmful rays of sunlight affect your skin negatively. So you should browse these useful tips below and try the best Avon Products!

Considering these situations, you should make a good preparation before going on vacation. Because you won’t want to go home with burnt and itchy skin. Different brands around the world sell a variety of solar products for holidays. In this way, they ensure that people are happy on holiday. Most of these sold products have been approved and tested by the ministry of health. Skin care is an essential part of life.

Moisturize Your Skin with AVON!

We’ve been searching for the right skin moisturizer for years. But because we do not know our skin, we fail to moisturize. First of all, you should meet the water needs of the whole body by drinking plenty of water in daily life. In this way, your face will come alive.
Apart from drinking water, you can moisturize your skin with a very good moisturizing cream. Maybe most of us think that hot water is good for the skin, on the contrary, hot water makes the skin dry and reduces the moisture content of your face. Have a softer and more vibrant skin thanks to AVON Moisturizing Creams. View AVON Brochure 1 Nov 2021 and find the best moisturizers for your skin type!

AVON Nourishing Oils

The indispensable recommendation of summer months is different oils. It is possible to find oils for every skin at low prices. If you don’t want to apply anything other than sunscreen to your skin while on vacation, oils will be waiting for you. First of all, these oils should be applied to a clean skin. Afterwards, sunscreen should be applied. The reason why these oils are preferred so much in the summer months is the beneficial plants in it.

AVON Special Solutions

  • Skin so Soft Silky Moisture Tissue Oil 150ml & 50ml, R130
  • Skin so Soft Silky Moisture Tissue Oil 50ml, R64,90
  • Anew Hydra Pro Vita-D Water Cream 50ml, R209
  • Nutraeffects Matte Oil Control Day Cream SPF 20 & Micellar Water, R159
  • Nutraeffects Soothe Hydrating Day Cream SPF 20 50ml, R115
  • Avon Care Age Restore Firming Face Cream 100ml, R75
  • Nutraeffects Matte Oil Control Day Cream SPF 20 50ml, R115
  • Avon Care Derma Even Tone-C Facial Day Cream 100ml, R75

AVON Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be used not only for holidays, but for every moment of life. Sun rays are very damaging to your skin. Perpendicular rays cause sunspots. You can deal with this problem with a quality sunscreen. Sunscreens should be used to improve our quality of life and to have a comfortable holiday. If you do not use a good sunscreen, it will lose its effect when you go in and out of the sea. You should take a look at the latest Avon Brochure and get the best sunscreen at low prices!

Things to Consider While Doing Makeup;

Many of us wear make-up all the time in our daily life. Even when we go on vacation, we always have a make-up bag with us. Although skin care is difficult during the holidays, we have to take good care of our skin. If you are going to make up on holiday, it is done by taking into account the sun factor.

Many different brands have produced make-up products for the holiday. In this way, the brands made holiday lovers happy. Make-up made in the summer heat should be cleaned well from the skin and the skin should not look flaky. Taking a vacation ensures that you have a healthy skin and soul. You can do anything to your skin, it’s up to you, but you should not make your skin angry.

So here is the AVON Brochure 1 Nov 2021! If you want to check out more offers, products, and catalogues, visit the home page. Also, you can go to other category pages and subscribe to your favorite stores to view the latest specials in South Africa! And, follow us on our social media accounts!


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