Avon Brochure Spring Savings 1 September 2020

Before browsing Avon Brochure Spring Savings 1 September 2020, you should take a look at these useful spring skincare tips! As the seasons change, we need to change our skincare routine according to the seasons. As the climate changes, so do our skin’s needs. Considering that our skin is more reactive, sensitive, and allergic in spring, we can understand that we need more devoted skincare.

It is time to replace the rich creams we use to protect the skin during the cold winter months with lighter ones. Now we can choose less oily, lighter creams.

With the spring, your skin starts to produce more oil. Creams with high oil content may disrupt the balance of the skin and cause acne. It will be useful to use tonic as well as moisturizers.

Summer months are not considered suitable for peeling. For this reason, it is useful to evaluate the spring months with peeling in order to get rid of the dull and pale skin structure before the summer comes.

You can prepare your own peeling at home. Squeeze lemon on the cotton until absorbed and sprinkle with sugar, then rub your face slightly moistened with this cotton. Rinse your face with warm water and apply moisturizer after drying with a soft towel. Like creams, you should replace makeup products with light versions. BB creams are ideal for this. You should try Clearskin Blemish Clearing Oil-Free BB Cream. It is only R69!

Also, we shared some quality and special products from Avon September 2020 Spring Edition. Let’s take a look at these products! Most of them are on sale! Here you go!

Avon Brochure Spring Savings 1 September 2020;

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