Avon Brochure Summer Deals October 2020

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Here are some makeup tips for the summer;

Regardless of water or oil-based foundations, it can make weight in summer. Instead, you can choose colored moisturizers, BB creams, or CC creams that provide color balance and have a slightly higher coverage but feel like BB creams.

In summer, you must protect your skin from sunlight. The sun can cause permanent damage to your skin. For this, use a foundation with SPF, that is, a sun protection factor. Both the SPF protects you from the sun and prevents the glare in the camera.

Try to reduce the use of powder because powders create a mud look on your face when you sweat, powder applied to prevent shine can cause excessive shine. If you want to use powder, you can choose transparent powder powders with a lighter structure instead of compressed normal powders.

Avon True Be Blushed Cheek Color

Choose blushes in stick form or cream instead of powder instantly. Its permanence will be more. My personal favorite is Avon True Be Blushed Cheek Color. This product, which is used on both lips and cheeks, will give a very natural result. It will seriously stay on your cheeks and lips all day. Avon True Be Blushed Cheek Color can be a good choice for you. You should try it!

Mascara puts excessive weight on eyelashes in summer. Since the moisture accumulated on the mascara makes the lashes heavier than it is, there is a constant need to trim. Try to apply a coat of mascara in summer. Or apply some eyeliner to the plastic part of the eyelash curler and curl your eyelashes. It will only give color without a volume or lengthening effect, but there will be no weight for the whole day.

Although the use of headlight or eyeliner is not very suitable for summer, be sure to get a headlight base for the headlight. Headlight bases ensure that your headlight stays much longer, your headlights that do not stay in the summer heat due to moisture and sweat will last a little longer. For Eyeliner, I can say that; waterproof eyeliner and eye pencils are not very waterproof. A flowing pencil or eyeliner can be a complete nightmare when you cannot look in the mirror, avoid using these products, or apply heavy amounts.

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