Avon Brochure Summer Sale 2 2020

Say hello to dazzling days with fresh offers of Avon Brochure Summer Sale 2 2020! Within the scope of Summer Sales, many necessary cosmetic products await you with attractive offers. Popular Avon products, unrivaled deals, and reasonable prices can be found in this catalog.

How to Choose Your Summer Lipstick;

Summer has come with all its warmth and high energy. We started to make our clothes, more precisely almost everything, suitable for hot weather.

Apart from clothes, one of the points we need to pay attention to is in this case, our skincare routine and makeup. In skin care, you should protect yourself against the harmful effects of the sun by choosing a foundation, cream, and under-eye concealers with SPF protection, especially in addition to sunscreen. Of course, the changes in women’s indispensable make-up passion stand out in this period. It would be the right choice to throw away the intense concealer foundation and powder you use in cold weather and turn to BB cream or colored moisturizers.

Even if not all, sunscreen and lipstick are enough, right? Of course, one of the things that change when summer comes is the colors of our lipstick. It is important to switch from dark brown and burgundy to tan, pink, and orange sub-toned lipsticks. Although the colors used in make-up are a matter of preference, light-colored lipsticks and brighteners will go well with bronze skin.

Lipstick Colors Everyone Will Be Wearing This Summer

  • Orange: One of the hot colors of summer, orange. You can try many different colors of orange according to skin color and buy your own one. One of the disadvantages of orange color is that it reveals imperfections on the lips. To prevent this, you should exfoliate your lips frequently to remove dead skin.
  • Pink: Pink, which is the indispensable color of women, is one of the colors that have a wide range of users with different color options both in summer and winter. Whether it is dried rose or sugar pink, it is among the most preferred colors.
  • Skin Color: Skin color, which is the indispensable color of both night make-up and daily make-up. It fits almost everyone. You can complete your summer makeup by using earthy or peach-toned skin color lipsticks. Our suggestion is that when you use skin-colored lipstick in summer, you should go over it with a transparent gloss.

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