Dis-Chem Specials Lockdown Essentials 23 April 2020

Time to check out Dischem Specials Lockdown Essentials 23 April 2020! Women’s care products; It has a wide range and a structure devoted to various options. Produced to meet the skin and body care needs of women; Many products with different functions are available in this catalog, from sanitary pads to supplements.

For the maintenance and cleaning of the genital area; The use of sanitary pads is very important. In pad selection; you need to be careful about features such as being strong against leaks, absorbing liquid quickly, not slipping, and being compatible with your movements. In your daily pad choices; You should take care to buy products that prevent moisture formation, trap unwanted odors, and completely cover your underwear. Outside the pads, in the care and cleaning of the genital area; various gels, wipes, and washing liquids are used. Since the skin of the genital area is sensitive; It will be beneficial to use quality and reliable products that prevent fungal and bacterial growth.

Products from Dischem Specials Lockdown Essentials 23 April 2020;

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