DisChem Specials Staying Healthy 21 Jul – 14 Aug 2022

Staying healthy with good products and deals of DisChem Specials 21 July 2022! When you check this Dis-Chem Catalogue, you will see daily supplements, dental care, living pharmacy, immune support, digestive care, and much more. View these discounts and get them for a good shopping!

DisChem Specials 21 July 2022;

Sports nutritional supplement products consist of varieties containing vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes and minerals that the athlete uses in addition to his normal diet. If you are actively doing sports, you can use these products to lose weight, maintain your energy and get the nutritional values your body needs. Some supplement products provide faster healing of minor muscle tears after exercise. For this reason, it helps to increase your muscle density faster. This will increase your performance during the races. You can find different, high-quality and inexpensive sports supplements at Dis-Chem stores.

Sports Supplements on Dis-Chem Catalogue!

Amino acid forms the basis of proteins. It contributes to muscle building. Muscles that are strained by movements during training break down proteins to use them for energy. For this reason, the body needs more amino acids while doing sports. You can take the amino acid supplement just before training, as it is absorbed in the body within 30 minutes. The amino acid you take provides a supplement for your body to produce more energy. In this way, both muscle fatigue and long-term muscle damage are reduced.

Protein powder contributes to a faster and greater result in the development of muscle mass. Moreover, it is recommended not only for those who are involved in sports, but also for the elderly to help slow muscle loss. You can also evaluate bodybuilding protein powder types and then create an order.

Protein powders of many brands; The best prices, the best products and great benefits are waiting for you in the DisChem Catalogue. You can take advantage of the advantages such as fast delivery and different payment options by creating an order now, and you can instantly access the products that will help you enjoy your sports.

DisChem Specials This Week;

  • Berocca Boost, R199.95
  • Herbex Thyroid Active 60 Tablets, R149.95
  • Prospan Couch Syrup 200 ml Assorted, R136.95
  • Lifegain Advanced Nutritional Supplements, R489.95
  • Biogen Multivitamin Plus Banded Pack, R208.95
  • Organics Shampoo or Conditioner, 2 for R120
  • Safeguard Hygienic Shower & Bath Value Pack, R49.95
  • Acta Plus Wet & Dry Couch Syrup, R84.95
  • Honey & Ginger Couch Syrup 150ml, R67.95
  • Vapo-Lozenges Value Pack, R52.95
  • Woods for Children Peppermint Couch Syrup, R47.95
  • Benylin Wet Cough Mucus Relief Syrup, R72.95
  • A. Vogel Echinaforce Junior, R199.95
  • Flugon Plus C1000 Offervescent, R119.95
  • Efferflu C Immune Booster, R71.95
  • VirAway Cold & Flu Value Pack 60 Capsules, R199.95
  • Flutex Cough Mixture 100 ml, R62.95
  • Hot Toddy Adult Sachets 8 Sachets, R35.95
  • Lifestyle Health Vitamin C Fizzy 1000mg, R132.95
  • Betaway Mega C1000 Vitamin C 1000mg, R144.46
  • BFC Premium Zinc Plus Vitamin C & Selenium, R129.95
  • LungShield Immune + Daily Immune Support, R199.95
  • Airmune Immune System Supporter Value Pack, R185.95
  • Stepsils Throat Lozenges, R67.95
  • A.Vogel Multiforce Alkaline Powder, 2 for R209.95
  • Gold Omega 3 Supreme, R131.96
  • Lifestyle Nutrition Magnesium Fizzy, 2 for R99.95
  • Biogen Magnesium Chelate 60 capsules, R209.95
  • Gold Calcium and Magnesium with Boron, R375.96
  • Lennon Peppermint Droppels, R24.95
  • Solal Probiotic Maximum Potency 60 capsules, R400.46
  • ProbiFlora Adult Intensive Rescue 9 Strain 30 capsules, R194.95
  • Contour Plus Blood Glucose Test Strips, R156.95
  • Lifestyle Nutrition Stress B Complex, 2 for R149.95


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