DisChem Specials World of Savings 20 September 2019

The best advice, the widest product range, and the lowest prices have been published by DisChem Specials World of Savings 20 September 2019! Dozens of products from various categories such as makeup products, fragrances, face care, body care, hair care, dental care, deodorants, smooth savings, traveling essentials, baby, feminine hygiene, intimate care, incontinence care, household, confectionery, soft drinks and many more are available on Dischem Catalogue World of Savings 20 September 2019. I mean you will find what you are looking for on DisChem Specials World of Savings 20 September 2019. If you need some products from this catalogue, you shouldn’t miss these prices!

Part of Fragrances includes “SPRING SAVINGS“. DisChem always works for famous brands like Adidas. Moreover, you will see savings up to R245 on this part! Check out on page 2 of DisChem Catalogue!

Bath & Body Care is full of discounted products! If you need shower gel or soap, you should get them from here! For example; when you buy 3 of Sunlight Soap, you will pay at only R23!

You should also focus on part of Dental Care! If you need toothpaste, you can get Closeup Toothpaste because it is on sale now! When you buy 2 of this product, you will pay only R18!

If you want to see more deals, products, and catalogue, you should visit the main page!


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