Edgars Specials 21 October 2020

Browse Lancome La Vie Est Bella Intense with Edgars Specials 21 October 2020! Lancôme calls La Vie Est Belle the perfume of Happiness. There are many perfumes available for sale with this slogan or the like. We have seen these kinds of cheap or expensive slogans, and naturally, it looks cliché. But when we make this a big brand, we don’t see stereotypes.

This women’s perfume, which promises to see the beauty of life, managed to attract our attention years ago and it continues by putting it on top of it. It is very important for women to smell good, especially to brag about this fragrance. We want the fragrance to integrate with us and if we like a perfume, we will not give up on it easily. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle series is one of the perfumes that we cannot give up.

La Vie Est Belle

The formula of this perfume, which tells us that it will give us happiness, contains fragrances that make women happy and love women. Iris flower in her heart; pear with black currant in top notes; middle notes of sincere jasmine and Tunisian orange flower; In the bottom notes, tonka bean, vanilla, and praline combine to form La Vie Est Belle.

As you read its formula, even dreaming of the mixture will keep you happy. You will relax as a gentle scent surrounds you. In fact, Lancôme says the following in the promotional image of the perfume: “Life is beautiful. Choose your own path to happiness! ”. In short, he says that those who try the perfume are happy and leaves the choice to you.

La Vie Est Belle Edp 75 ml

La Vie Est Belle Edp 75 ml, the most expensive option, maybe a little daunting. However, since its scent does not last an hour during the year, it is perhaps equivalent to the money paid for the perfumes we spray many times a day. At least it has a feature that we can call permanent.

Women love flowery scents, but often don’t dare to buy them. The reason for this is that flowery perfumes fly away before leaving the house and do not smell enough. When you spray the perfume on you, you want it to smell, naturally. La Vie Est Belle comes to our aid here. The perfume, whose permanence will surprise us, stays on you even in windy weather. The fragrance that does not leave you when it enters your clothes will ensure the continuity of your happiness and relieve your tiredness with iris flower.

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