Edgars Specials 30 September 2020

Focus on awesome Lancome skincare products with Edgars Specials 30 September 2020! Our skin is constantly worn out and damaged due to environmental conditions such as general wind, dust, heat, and cold. For this reason, the skin; To obtain a bright, smooth, and radiant appearance and to protect the skin from harmful external effects; needs regular maintenance. 25% of aging is due to genetic factors and 75% to environmental factors.

With Lancome skincare products that you can find suitable for every skin, it is possible to get very successful results and seriously delay aging if regular care is carried out in order to prevent the damaging and aging effects from outside.

Use of Eye Contour Care with Lancome Skincare Products

Regardless of age, it is necessary to regularly care for the vibrant and young eye area. When we compare the structure of the eye area in our body with the structure of the rest of our skin, the eye area is much finer and more sensitive. At the same time, the area in our body where gestures are most active in the eye area. That’s why this part of our skin is less resistant to wrinkling than other parts of our body. It is very important to moisturize the eye area regularly to ensure that fine lines and wrinkles appear as late as possible.

However, due to this delicate structure of the eye area, it is important that the moisturizing process is not done with any unreliable moisturizer or anti-wrinkle creams. With Lancome skincare products, if it is made a habit of moisturizing the eye area regularly from an early age, wrinkles can be significantly prevented.

Along with the cream we use for the young eye area, how we use that cream is equally important. While moisturizing the eye area, we should take care not to press it as much as possible and to apply it in circular movements from the inside out.

Lancome Products from Edgars Specials 30 September 2020;

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