Game Specials 5 – 18 May 2021

Game Specials 5 May 2021 is where you will view the best deals and exclusive items this week! Electronics, DIY, groceries, gardening, gym equipments, and many more can be browsable on this Game Catalogue! So let’s check out these Game Store Specials and enjoy shopping!

Healthy Mind with Game Store Catalogue

As you know, we are in the lockdown process due to the pandemic. And we may be bored at home. If you need some things to have fun at home, some of the products in the Game Catalogue will interest you. Focus on hobby products and buy your favorite! Moreover, the prices are quite good!

Shoot 50 Year Basketball Plus Hoop, ONLY R129

Hobbies actually help you spend the remaining time in the best way. Often times you just make time for yourself to be interested in those pursuits you enjoy. Hobby entertainment products are among the indispensables of life at such times. Because time is very precious and it is necessary to make use of it in the best way possible.

Puma Dartboard & Cabinet Set, ONLY R699!

That’s why you do the things you love most in your spare time, over and over again whenever you get the chance. This is why these endeavors, which are always repeated, but still give great pleasure, are called hobbies. And everyone has pursuits that they enjoy repeating. As a result of your constant interest in these occupations you love, you gain a talent and skill on that occupation. That is why hobby entertainment products should not be considered just as a leisure activity. Every hobby you deal with will come back to you as a handcraft or artistic talent.

Shoot Vegas Pool Table and Equipments, ONLY R3999 at Game Store!

In addition to being an enjoyable hobby, billiards has become a serious sport branch with championships and tournaments held worldwide. Basically; Billiard sport played on billiard sticks (cue), billiard ball and cloth-covered table has different playing styles and disciplines. There are also game types played with balls of different numbers, colors, numbers and sizes, such as 3 balls played with red, white and yellow balls, american billiards, russian billiards and snooker. You can buy it all needs for billiards!

Here are the latest Game Specials! If you want to check out more discounts, products, and specials, visit other category pages too! Also, you should subscribe to them with your email. If you do it, you might be the first who views the latest specials in South Africa! Here you go!


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