Shoprite Specials Early-Christmas Sale 18 – 21 Nov 2021

Check out the Early Christmas Sale with Shoprite Specials 18 Nov 2021! Dozens of groceries are waiting for you at new reasonable prices on this catalogue! You should view all the pages and find your weekly essentials at low prices!

Shoprite Specials 18 Nov 2021;

This Shoprite Weekly Catalogue is full of extraordinary savings on a wide range of groceries this week! If you have a Shoprite Xtra Savings Card, you will save more this week! You should benefit from their early-Christmas savings and find your needs! Bakery, deli, dairy, snacks, beverages, and much more are available on this Shoprite Leaflet! If it is time to grocery shopping, you shouldn’t miss these reasonable prices! These prices are valid between 18 November 2021 to 21 November 2021! Hurry up!

When you browse this catalogue, you will see some products from different categories. Especially, you should check out the last page. Parts of meat cuts and veg & fruit contain good selections! These are pretty fresh and quality! My favorite products are available on Fruit & Veg! It includes a good COMBO! This COMBO includes Class 1 Best Buy Potatoes 7kg, Class 1 Onions 2kg, Class 1 Golden Delicious Apples 1.5kg, and Carrots 1kg bag. They are 100% farm fresh guaranteed! You can buy them at only R100!

Shoprite Specials This Week;

  • Chef Mo Frozen Chicken Burgers Steaklets, R21.99
  • Ole Bread Spread 25% Fat Spread 500g, 3 for R40
  • Grainfield Chickens Frozen Mixed Chicken Portions 4.2kg, R134.99
  • In-Store Baked Standard Brown Bread Each, R5
  • Danone Divine Double Cream Dairy Snack, R27.99
  • Rainbow Chicken Polony all variants 1kg, 2 for R75
  • Clover Gouda Processed Cheese 800g, R74.99
  • The Laughing Cow Cheesy Cheese Wedges 8 per pack, R15.99
  • Top Crop Frozen Mixed Vegetables 1kg, 2 for R40
  • Orange Grove Long Life Milk all variants 6 x 1l per pack, R69.99
  • Osman’s Taj Mahal Parboiled Rice 5kg, R49.99
  • Sugarfield’s White Sugar 10kg, R154.99
  • Nyala Super Maize Meal 25kg, R179.99
  • Danone Snax Flavoured Dairy Snack 6 x 70g, 2 for R18
  • Danone Intomazi Full Cream Maas 2kg, 2 for R40
  • Big Nick Frozen Chicken Wors 5kg, R169.99
  • Roka Flavoured Instant Noodles all variants 5 x 85g, R17.99
  • Top Class Soya Mince all variants 500g each, R21.99
  • All Joy Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 500g, R9.99
  • Ritebrand Light Meat Shredded Tuna in Water 170g, 3 for R30
  • Tasty Fingers Frozen Fish Fingers 300g, 2 for R50
  • Chelsea Luxury Assortment Biscuits 2kg, R147.99
  • Reboost Energy Drink 500ml, 3 for R20
  • Danone Ultra Mel Custard 1l each, R19.99
  • American Parlor Ice Cream all variants 2l, 2 for R65
  • Clover Tropika Flavoured Dairy Fruit Mix 1.5l, 2 for R45

So here is the latest Shoprite Catalogue this week! You can check out the home page and see more specials in South Africa. Moreover, you can subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts!


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