Shoprite Specials Eid Mubarak 11 May 2020

Time to check out Shoprite Specials Eid Mubarak 11 May 2020! They wish all their Muslim customers and staff a blessed and peaceful eid-ul-Fitr!  This Shoprite Catalogue is full of popular and high-quality daily grocery products. Dozens of healthy and fresh selections can be browsable here! Moreover, the prices of them are pretty reasonable. You won’t come across expensive prices when you browse it.

The product range of this catalogue is a little bit limited. However, product selection is quite successful! You can even reach ethnic foods such as Osman’s Taj Mahal Chili Bite Mix! You can get this at only R9.99. Also, Crazy Combo Deals are available on here! When you buy 2 of these selected products, you will save more! For example; if you buy 2 of Simba Cheese Twists Snack, you will pay for only R18!

Shoprite Specials Eid Mubarak 11 May 2020;

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  1. Refiloe says:

    When the spacial on sale pls send me

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