Shoprite Specials Wishing All Our Customers Well Over The Fast 6 Sep – 10 Oct 2021

Shop your weekly essentials at low prices with Shoprite Catalogue 6 September 2021! The most popular and freshest products are on sale with special discounts now. Prepare a shopping list and find your essentials at the lowest prices this week!

Shoprite Catalogue 6 September 2021

Shoprite offered much more discounts on this catalogue. If you have a Shoprite Xtra Savings Card, you will benefit from these amazing prices. Savings up to R73 are available on this Shoprite weekly Catalogue. You should browse it and find your needs at low prices. Especially, when you buy some selected products more than one, you will save an extra. Such as, when you buy 2 of Yummy Delight Frozen Naan, you will pay only R90 and SAVE R10! There are many more deals like this. These price are valid until 10 October 2021 and while stocks last. They reserve the right to limit quantities. And 3 deals per customers. Let’s take a look at them and buy your needs at the new low prices!

Shoprite Specials This Week;

  • Fry’s Frozen Traditional Vegetable Sausages 500g, R39.99
  • Clover Springok Unsalted Butter, R59.99
  • Clover Butter Ghee 1.5kg, R219.99
  • Green’s Frozen Mixed Vegetable 1kg, R23.99
  • Today Frozen Puff Pastry 400g, R12.99
  • Yummy Delight Frozen Naan 400g, 2 for R90
  • Vejoy Frozen Vegetarian Range 400g, 2 for R75
  • Fry’s Frozen Vegetable Spicy Sausages, E34.99
  • Fry’ Frozzen Plant-Based Original Hot Dogs 360g, 2 for R75
  • Wooden Spoon Baking Brick 500g, 2 for R35
  • Fry’s Frozen Traditional Vegetarian Burgers, 2 for R75
  • Fry’s Frozen Meat Free Braai-Style Sausages 360g, 3 for R99
  • Clover Fresh Cream Medium Fat / Sour Cream 250ml, 2 for R48
  • Clover Fresh Milk 2l, R26.99
  • Lancewood Gouda / Cheddar / White Cheddar Cheese 600g, R69.99
  • Pepsi Regular Cold Drink 2l, 2 for R30
  • Pot’ o Gold Butter Beans, R9.99
  • Pack Gold Dish Mixed Vegetables, R14.99
  • Rhodes Chopped Peeled Tomatoes, R14.99
  • Pakco Pickle Range, R27.99
  • Fatti’s Moni’s Macaroni / Spaghetti 500g, 2 for R24
  • Snowflake Self Raising Wheat Flour 2.5kg, R34.99
  • Osman’s Taj Mahal Gram Dhall 500g, R15.99
  • Osman’s Taj Mahal Extra Fine Vermicelli, R23.99
  • Golden Grain Indian Basmati Sella Rice 5kg, R109.99
  • Aunt Carolina Long Grain Parboiled Rice 10kg, R129.99
  • Sunfoil Sunflower Cooking Oil 5l, R137.99

So here is the latest Shoprite Catalogue this week! You can check out more Shoprite Specials from their category page and subscribe to them with your email. Not only Shoprite but also many popular brands have category pages. Find your favorite store and subscribe to them! Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts and see the latest specials in South Africa!


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