Spar Specials 13 October 2020

Discover this week’s newest product list with Spar Specials 13 October 2020! You should take advantage of these great prices valid throughout the country before you run out of products! Unprecedented offers on many different kinds of food products are available here! You can easily find your daily needs such as not only food products but also personal care products and cleaning products on this Spar Catalogue!

Sometimes there are times when we get hungry but we don’t have the time or remedy to prepare food. At such moments, we usually need solutions that can be prepared quickly. Knorr has options such as Knorr instant soup and quick pasta, which allow us to feed us quickly. Consumption of Knorr products, which produce in accordance with many health regulations, is very healthy and does not contain any risk factors for users. Especially in the instant soup category, Knorr instant soups are very tasty products that are recommended.

Soups are among the kinds of food that we all consider indispensable in our tables. Therefore, we need to be sensitive in our soup choices. Knorr instant soups are delicious products that are produced under the most suitable conditions and are not harmful to human health. Knorr produces different types of food considering the food culture and food tastes of each country it enters. On page 4 of this Spar Catalogue, you will see a good deal for this! You can get 5 of Knorr Soup at only R20!

Spar Specials 13 October 2020;

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