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DisChem Specials 15 Aug – 5 Sep 2022

Find the lowest prices on a wide range of top brands' cosmetics with DisChem Specials 15 August 2022 this week! Fragrances, skin care products, supplements, oral care, and much more are on sale in Dis-Chem Stores. Let's check it out to pay less on the best! dischem specials 15 aug 5 sep 2022

DisChem Specials 15 August 2022;

Dove wants to bring natural beauty to the fore! It is often preferred with its products that care for your skin. It offers you naturalness in your personal care with many different options such as skin cleaning and care, hair care products, deodorants. By leaving a moisturizing cream effect, it also nourishes and revitalizes your skin while deeply cleansing. You can find Dove products at Dis-Chem Catalogue with a privileged price option. You can highlight your natural beauty with Dove products that moisturize and revitalize your skin and prevent dryness. While Dove soap purifies your skin from bacteria and dirt, it does not harm its flexible structure. It gives you vitality with its natural and fresh scent. Dove liquid soap does not irritate when we clean your hands with the moisture support it offers. In order to have soft and smooth hands, it is important to wash your hands with the right products. Dove Beauty Cream Wash liquid soap cares for your hands with the vitamins and minerals it contains. Dove Fresh Touch liquid soap is a product with a high moisturizing effect, containing cucumber and green tea extracts. With this product, you can protect your hands from cracking all day long. Dove Cream Bar varieties are products that are effective in skin care. It removes impurities without harming the natural structure of your skin. You can help cell regeneration with this product, which allows the pores to open and breathe. You can use it in your daily skin care routine and cleaning your hands. Dove products, one of the most popular names of personal care brands, are at Dis-Chem!

Dove Products at Dis-Chem!

For full and healthy hair, Dove shampoo offers products enriched with plant extracts and natural oils. It applies intensive care therapy to your hair with hair care creams containing coconut and turmeric extract. You can restore your hair to its natural shine with Dove conditioners, which instantly provide the support needed by your hair, which is processed and affected by seasonal changes. You can notice the healthy growth in your hair by using the nourishing care Dove shampoo types together with the care creams suitable for your hair type. Dove 1 Minute Super Conditioner conditioner strengthens your hair against shedding and gives flexibility to the hair structure.

Products That Reflect Your Beauty

Dove deodorant options, which help you cope with undesirable situations such as sweating in daily rush, protect your skin with its natural structure. Alcohol-free Dove deodorants, which are available in different varieties for men and women, help keep the armpits smooth. It offers solutions suitable for every need with its specially produced formulas. Dove Matcha Women's deodorant allows you to have a fresh day with its alcohol-free structure and special content. You can refresh all day long with the product containing green tea and sakura flower scents. S you can find Dove's products that invite natural beauty in DisChem Catalogue with accessible price options and rich product range. You can have many other product options such as Dove shampoo, hair cream, moisturizer, body cream, which are among the personal care products, with DisChem Specials. Without waiting in line at the store, you can add the product you want to your cart with one click and complete your shopping with gift opportunities.

DisChem Specials This Week;

  • L'Oreal Dermo Expertise Revitalift Filler, R237.97 (Regularly, R339.95)
  • L'Oreal Dermo Expert Revitalift Night Cream, R146.97 (Regularly, R209.95)
  • Garnier Pure Active 3-in-1 Wash, Scrub and Mask, R95.96 (Regularly R119.95)
  • Bionike Defence Skinergy Reactivating Cream 50 ml, R425
  • Bionike Skinergy Reactivating, R525
  • Davidoff Run Wild Men EDT 100 ml, R787.50 (Regularly, R1050)
  • Entice Puffed Brown Rice 250 g, R62.36 (Regularly, R77.95)
  • Davidoff Run Wild for Her EDP 100 ml, R806.25 (Regularly R1075)
  • Dove 100% Pure Cotton Rounds 80s, R32.95
  • Labello Carded 4.8 g, R31.95
  • Heat Holders Short Sleeve Vest Charcoal, R229.95
  • Nivea Body Cream Repair Care 400 ml, R79.95
  • Shower to Shower Roll-on 50 ml, R17.95
  • Queret Sheet Mask 25 g Lifting Care Mask Snail, R25
  • Sunlight Semi Concentrated Liquid, R76.95
  • Dove Soap 4 x 100g Revive, R58.95
  • Cal-C Vita Combo 30 Effervescent Tablets, R228.95
  • Bennetts Baby Bum Creme 300 g, R99.99
  • Karvol Inhalant 10 Capsules, R77.95
  • E45 Cream 500 g Jar, R269.95
  • Listerine, Mouthwash, Cool Mint 750 ml, R84.95
  • Lifestyle Vitamin B12 + Folic Acid 60 Tablets, R57.95
  • Rehidrat, Oral Electrolyte Mixture, Blackcurrant, R94.95

Avon Brochure Celebrating Women’s Month 15 – 31 August 2022

Discover Avon Brochure 15 August 2022 this month! Avon Specials continue the tradition of offering great offers. You will find unique offers and safe products at special prices, made with respect for nature and the customer on Avon brochures. avon brochure celebrating womens month 15 31 august 2022

Avon Brochure 15 August 2022;

Avon is one of the special addresses for female beauty! Women all over the world trust AVON products with the highest quality standards and always an excellent price/performance ratio. In addition to a comprehensive range of skin care, makeup, body and hair care products for all skin and age types, the wide range includes a wide range of fragrances and soothing wellness products. The product range also includes product and care lines for men, children and babies. We know how important you feel and how you look, so Avon has prepared the best for you! Make-up and care products are produced in a large number of series. Every woman can choose them according to her skin type, color, season and condition.

Hand Care with AVON Product;

Using hand creams regularly will nourish and repair your damaged hands with beneficial vitamins and natural oils. It also helps hands look more alive. That's why you can focus on Avon's hand care products for your hand care! Skin care is a very important element in your health and well-being. You can achieve a healthy-looking, natural and vibrant appearance by doing your daily skin care routines with various products. Hand cream is one of the most common skin care products with different properties for each part of the body. For a healthy hand, add your hands to your skincare routine and check out Avon amazing hand creams. Hand cream is very important in this regard for the care of cold cracks, hand dryness, hard hands and to obtain a moist and beautiful appearance. You can have healthy hands if you apply the most suitable hand cream for your skin type among the hand creams produced according to different skin types and structures. Hand creams, which can give different results according to the intensity of use, can be applied practically in daily life and outdoors among daily care products. Hand creams are produced with different product contents according to skin structures. It is possible to find different types of hand creams for different skin types. For people with dry hands, using a regular hand cream may not provide adequate hydration. It will be a much more effective method to use hand creams that are specially designed for dry skin and contain glycerin and vitamin E. Hand creams with these ingredients have a more intense moisturizing feature and are much more ideal for dry hands. If what you need is a good hand cream, you can check it out in this Avon Catalogue!

The Best AVON Hand Creams;

  • Cannabis Sativa Oil Restore & Calm Hand and Body Balm 150ml, R109
  • Avon Care Overnight Moisture Lavender Hand Cream 75ml, R20
  • Avon Care Pomegranate Hand Cream 75ml, R31.90
  • Encanto Charming Hand Cream 30ml, R57
  • Avon Care Yoghurt & Honey Hand Cream 75ml, R31.90
  • Avon Care Coconut Oil Hand Cream 75ml, R31.90
  • Senses Delicate Moment Hand Wash 250ml, R45
  • Avon Care Age Restore Face Cream, Derma Extra-Firm+ Body Lotion & Hand Cream, R149
  • Avon Care Replenishing Moisture Avocado Hand Cream, R31.90
  • Anew Platinum Night Cream Trial Size 15ml, R99
  • Avon Care Radiant Rosewater & Shea Butter Hand Cream 75ml, R31.90
  • Avon Care Calming Moisture Tea Tree Hand Cream 75ml, R31.90
  • Care Derma Extra-Firm+ Hand Cream 75ml
  • Avon Care Gentle Moisturising Body Lotion & Hand Cream, R89.90
  • Avon Care Skin Defence Moisturising Hand & Body Lotion 75ml, R26.90
  • Care Tea Tree Gel Cream, Body Lotion, Multipurpose Cream & Hand Cream, R179
  • Avon Care Gentle Hand Cream 75ml
  • Avon Care Age Restore Face Cream, Derma Extra-Firm+ Hand Cream & Anti-Cellulite Lotion, R185

President Hyper Specials 10 – 22 August 2022

President Hyper Specials 10 August 2022 is full of offers that make it easy to save on your weekly shopping. View many kinds of products with a single catalogue and learn about discounted products without going shopping. This is a great opportunity for you to have a better shopping experience. president hyper specials 10 22 august 2022

President Hyper Specials 10 August 2022;

When you look at the home page of this President Hyper Catalogue, there are many different products from baby products to coffee varieties. The prices of products here have dropped. If you have these items on your shopping list, it may be better for your budget if you don't miss these offers. This catalogue where you can check out the products of the best brands promises a pleasant shopping experience. You can also find cleaning products in this catalogue. These products are the most necessary products for house cleaning. Check out the most effective and useful products here and buy with great offers!

President Hyper Specials This Week;

  • Fatti's & Moni's Spaghetti / Macaroni 2 x 500 g, R25
  • Blossom Epic Spread 40% Fat Spread Tub 2 x 1 kg, R65
  • Crosse & Blackwell Tangy Mayonnaise 750 g each, R29.99
  • Twinsaver 1-ply Roll 500 Sheets Toilet Tissue 2 x 8s, R70
  • Pampers Baby-Dry Jumbo Pack Nappies each, R199.99
  • Freshpak Pure Rooibbos Tea Tagless Teabags 80s each, R34.99
  • Clover Creamel Coffee and Tea Creamer with Palm Oil 750 g, R34.99
  • Sparletta Creme Soda / Pine Nut / Sparberry / Granadilla 2 x 2lt, R30
  • Allsome Long Grain Parboiled White Rice 2 x 2 kg, R45
  • All Gold Smooth Apricot / Apricot & Peach Jam 900 g each, R29.99
  • Douwe Egberts Coffee Pure Indulgence / Pure Gold Brazil 200 g, R99.99
  • Rhodes 100% Fruit Juice Blend 2 x 1lt, R36
  • Rhodes Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 4 x 410 g, R40
  • President Hyper Oats Quick Cooking Oat Flakes 2 x 1 kg, R45
  • Sunlight 2 in 1 Hand Washing Powder 2 kg, R49.99
  • Wild Island Dairy Fruit Blend Concentrate 2 x 1lt, R25
  • Clover Tropika Dairy Fruit Blend Concentrate 6 x 200ml, R32.99
  • Monster Energy Drink 4 x 500 ml, R50
  • Parmalat Steri Stumpie Flavoured Drinking Milk 6 x 350 ml, R60
  • Messaris Bubbles Maize Snack 3 x 100 g, R24
  • Danone Yogi Sip Drinking Yoghurt 2 x 250 g, R15
  • Parmalat Yoghurt Smooth / Yumchums 2 x (6 x 100g), R30
  • Henro My Scotties Shortbread 185 g, 2 for R20
  • Eskort Bacon Round Cut / Diced 200 g each, R24.99
  • Farmer's Deli Viennas Red / Smoked 500 g each, R25.99
  • Country Fair Breast Nuggets / Crumbed / Mini Fillets 400 g each, R39.99
  • Eskort Gold Medal Pork Sausages 750 g each, R74.99
  • Dr.Oetker Ital Pizza Snack Slices 2 x 6s, R80
  • I & J Beefers Burger patties 500 g each, R49.99

Cambridge Food Special 10 – 16 August 2022

You can view many offers required to minimize the price you pay for your food shopping with Cambridge Food Special 10 August 2022. In addition to many fresh food products, you can explore many basic needs that you constantly consume with this leaflet. cambridge food special 10 16 august 2022

Cambridge Food Special 10 August 2022;

There are many parts in this catalogue worth viewing. One of them is products labeled Massive Savings. If you need these products, you should not miss it. The product selection is as good as the prices. You can buy the most consumed products of the best brands with new offers. When you browse the latest Cambridge Food Catalogue, you should always check out their COMBOs! These COMBO packages makes your shopping great with their pretty good prices. One of them on the cover page includes Nyala Super Maize Meal 5 kg, Golden Delight Rice 5 kg, Farm Foods Cake Wheat Flour 5 kg, Golden Pride Brown Sugar 3 kg, and Sunola Cooking Oil 2 l. You can buy all of them at only R295. Also, you should focus on other one on page 2. You can buy Huletts White Sugar 10 kg, Aunt Caroline Rice 10 kg, Golden Cloud Cake Wheat Flour 10 kg, and Ace Super Maize Meal 10 kg at only R495!

Cambridge Food Special This Week;

  • Dettol Hygiene Soap Assorted 175 g, R11.99
  • Baby Soft Mini 2-Ply Toilet Rolls, R37.99
  • Farm Foods Cake Wheat Flour each 10 kg, R122.99
  • Golden Pride Brown Sugar each 3 kg, R48.99
  • Top White Super Maize Meal each 10 kg, R74.99
  • Golden Keys Red Speckled Beans each 2 kg, R59.99
  • Nyala Super Maize Meal each 5 kg, R48.99
  • Glenyck Pilchards Assorted each 400 g, R19.99
  • White Star Instant Maize Porridge Assorted 1 kg each, R18.99
  • Top Class Soup Bag assorted 500 g, R20
  • Black Cat Peanut Butter assorted 400 g each, R29.99
  • Top Class Soya Mince Assorted 500 g each, R21.99
  • Rhodes Superfine Apricot Jam each 900 g, R28.99
  • Wellington's Full Flavour Tomato 700 ml each, R23.99
  • Nola Tangy Streetstyle Mayonnaise 750 g each, R26.99
  • Fatti's & Moni's Pasta Assorted 500 g each, R15.99
  • Nestle Cremora Coffee & Tea Creamer 750 g each, R39.99
  • Glen Rooibos Tagless Teabags Pouch each 80s, R29.99
  • Purity Baby Mabele Porridge Assorted 350 g each, R15.99
  • Trinco Tagless Teabags Pouch each 100s, R21.99
  • Frisco Coffee Assorted 250 g each, R29.99
  • Umfutho Full Cream Amasi 4 kg each, R43.99
  • Orange Grove Full Cream Long Life Milk 6 x 1l, R79.99
  • Parmalat Smooth Yoghurt / Yum Chums assorted 6 x 100 g each, R14.99
  • Rama 50% Fat Spread for Bread Brick 500 g each, R15.99
  • Rainbow Frozen Mixed Chicken Portions 4.2 g each, R49.99
  • Fuston Fairy Blend Assorted 1 l each, R8.99
  • Reboost Energy Drink Assorted 500 ml each, R8.99
  • Cadbury Lunch Bar Max 62 g each, R11.99
  • Doristos Chips Assorted 145 g each, R16.99
  • Cadbury Chocolate Slab Assorted 80 g each, R13.99
  • Henro Marie Biscuits Assorted 150 g each, R6.99
  • My Scotties Shortbread Biscuits Assorted 185 g each, R13.99

Game Specials 10 – 23 August 2022

Check out the Game Specials 10 August 2022 to get the best items at unbeatable prices this week! Game store won't be beat on many specials. So you should browse these products on this catalogue and find the best products for you! game specials 10 23 august 2022

Game Specials 10 August 2022;

Time to browse unbeatable range of furniture, major appliances, home entertainment, and much more with this Game Catalogue. High-quality product selection, reasonable prices, and many good factors for a good shopping are waiting for you in Game Stores! You should take a look at these prices and products and pay less for the best items! You can find almost everything for your home in Game. Let's view these discounts catalogue and discover items. These prices are valid from 10 August 2022 until 23 August 2022. Hurry up and don't miss these awesome offers!

Game Specials This Week;

  • Mecer Intel Celeron Laptop, R3999 (SAVE R1000)
  • Samsung 13kg T/Loader W/ Machine, R6299 (SAVE R650)
  • Samsung TV 50AU7000 UHD TV, R7999 (SAVE R1500)
  • JVC 10IN Bluetooth Trolley Speaker XS, R1199 (SAVE R300)
  • Ultralink 32-70IN Tilting TV Wall Bracket UL, R229 (SAVE R50)
  • JVC Sound Bar TH-BY370, R1399 (SAVE R200)
  • Hisense 50" UHD Smart TV, R6999 (SAVE R3000)
  • Telefunken 39IN FHD LED TV TLEDD-39 HD/A, R2999 (SAVE R1500)
  • KIC 239L Bottom Freezer Fridge Metallic KBF, R4699 (SAVE R300)
  • Hisense 514L SIDE BY SIDE FRIDGE INOX, R10999
  • UNIVA 210L Chest Freezer UC210W, R2999 (SAVE R200)
  • Hisense 16kg Top Load Washing Machine, R7699 (SAVE R800)
  • Samsung Dishwasher, R7999 (SAVE R1000)
  • Defy 90CM Island Cooker Hood, R7499 (SAVE R500)
  • UNIVA 4 Plate Undercounter Oven &Hob Set, R3999 (SAVE R700)
  • Defy Box Set Slimline, R6799 (SAVE R600)
  • Russell Hobbs 20L Manual Microwave Silver, R999 (SAVE R300)
  • Bennett Read 20L Digital Microwave, R1199
  • Samsung 32L Electronic Microwave Silver, R1999 (SAVE R200)
  • LG 56L Neochef Microwave, R3999 (SAVE R1000)
  • Sunbeam Double Spiral Hotplate, R229 (SAVE R50)
  • Salton 23L Mini Kitchen, R1199 (SAVE R200)
  • Sunbeam Pro Convection Oven, R749 (SAVE R150)
  • Logik 1.5L Stainless Steel Blender, R399 (SAVE R100)
  • Wahl 11 Piece Hair Clipper, R199 (SAVE R50)
  • No Brand Salvo High Back Chair, R1299
  • No Brand Leo Mid Back Chair Black, R1099 (SAVE R400)
  • Goldair Quartz Heater, R699 (SAVE R700)
  • Sunbeam 3 Bar Ceramic Heater & Humidifier, R499 (SAVE R400)
  • Sunbeam SUNBEAM PTC FAN HEATER, R599 (SAVE R400)
  • Bennett Read Extraction Vacuum Cleaner Stealth, R2399 (SAVE R400)
  • Volkano Wireless Combo, R249 (SAVE R10)
  • WD 2Tb Elements Blk Hard Drive, R1199 (SAVE R200)
  • Epson Eco Tank 3In1 Mf Colour Printer, R3299 (SAVE R200)
  • Volkano Impulse Bluetooth Headphone Black, R229 (SAVE R120)
  • Volkano Mini Mamba Series BT Speaker, R349 (SAVE R200)