Avon Brochure Autumn Sale 1 – 30 Apr 2021

View the Avon Brochure Autumn Sale 1 – 30 Apr 2021! It is full of special Avon Products. You will encounter many discounted products and exclusive selections on this Avon Catalogue. Their prices are pretty good. If you need something on this catalogue, check it out! It is a good time to get these products!

Avon Brochure Autumn Sale 1 – 30 Apr 2021

When it comes to Avon, there are smells that come to mind. Avon users have separated the perfumes as avon summer perfumes or avon autumn winter perfumes. We researched the most used women’s perfumes in Avon autumn and winter months. And the result is a great perfume lineup. In the autumn and winter months, people preferred more intense and lasting fragrances in terms of Avon fragrances.

Avon Soft Musk EDT

Avon Soft Musk EDT is one of Avon’s most popular and oldest perfumes. The point we want to point out in this perfume is that it does not mislead you that it is EDT. It is a very intense and persistent fragrance. In addition to being more suitable especially for autumn and winter months, those who use it in summer are mostly. Avon Soft Musk EDT content; A calm, warm, charming fragrance that combines rose, jasmine and ylang ylang extracts. Its permanence is indisputable. Although it is an intense fragrance, it is a soft and noticeable fragrance.

Avon Rare Gold Edp

Avon Rare Gold EDP is a feminine and passionate fragrance. This perfume, which is reminiscent of honey scent to some users and a lilac garden to others, is one of the old perfumes of Avon. It is one of the indispensable perfumes of autumn and winter months due to its fragrance intense and permanent content. It is a fragrance with special character, which includes lily of the valley, orange flower and amber in its content.

Avon Dreams EDP

Avon Dreams EDP is one of the new perfumes of Avon. This characteristic and feminine fragrance, which has received positive comments from users since its release, has become one of the most popular perfumes of the autumn and winter months. A floral and fruity fragrance that is a blend of plum and okka rose.

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