DisChem Specials 15 – 25 April 2022

Makeup, skincare, personal care, hair care, and many cosmetics are available on DisChem Specials 15 April 2022! When you browse this Dis-Chem Catalogue, you will encounter many exclusive brands’ products here. So you should take a look at all the pages and enjoy shopping!

DisChem Specials 15 April 2022

Also, we shared products required for body makeup with DisChem Specials! Body make-up is the savior of special occasions and invitations. Body make-up, which uses make-up materials such as body paint, body glitter and body foundation, helps you look more beautiful and well-groomed. When body make-up is done with evening dresses, it can make the body look slimmer, fit, proportional and bright. So how is body makeup done? We tell you with which products you can do body make-up. Check out the rest of the article to learn about make-up materials suitable for body make-up!

What is body makeup and how is it done?

Body make-up is a make-up model that is generally preferred with evening dresses or clothes with decollete. Thanks to body make-up, the chest, neck and shoulder areas can look more proportional and attractive. With body contour make-up, you can make your breasts look fuller and straighter!

Body make-up is also applied to the legs, arms and back. With body make-up, you can make every part of your outfit look more fit and perfect. You can hide the flaws in your legs and use make-up materials such as foundation and illuminator to make your knees look smoother. If you are looking for them, you should take a look at the latest Dis-Chem Catalogue! Here u go!

The issue you need to pay attention to when doing body make-up is the permanence of make-up materials. Make-up materials suitable for the body should be waterproof and durable. Make-up materials that get on clothes and have poor permanence can let you down.

Body Foundation

Body foundation is a product that hides the imperfections of the body and provides color equality. It is usually thin and easy to apply. Those who use leg foundation say that their legs look smoother. Leg foundation can hide blemishes, scars and cracks on the legs. Leg foundations are usually in spray form. Moreover, leg foundation is very easy to use. Shake the spray and spray your legs from afar. Wait 5 minutes for the foundation to set. At the end of the time you are ready to put on your outfit!

One of the most common questions we receive is: is face foundation applied to the body? Face foundation is used to hide facial blemishes and balance color equality. The structure of the face foundation is not suitable for the body. Face foundation can be applied to the neck area, but we do not recommend applying it to the legs and arms. Since face foundations are sold in smaller packages, it will not be enough to apply to the whole body.

Body Sim

One of the make-up materials used in body make-up is body sim. Body sims usually come in spray bottles. Body glitters have an oily form, spread easily. And they make the whole body look brighter. Body sim users generally prefer it for areas that attract attention such as shoulders, knees and chest area.

When buying a body sim, you should pay attention to the small parts of the sim. Large glittery sprays can create a false appearance on the body. Tiny glitters, on the other hand, leave a more attractive result by creating a glitter look on the body. You should apply the body glitter after you put on your outfit.

Body spray or body polishes are mostly preferred in summer. These products, which are used for body make-up and contouring, instantly brighten the body and hide imperfections.
Illusions are formed on the bodies that appear radiant and skin defects are hidden, the sunken legs on the legs do not look as prominent as before. You can make your legs and arms look smoother with a body gloss that matches your skin color. When buying body gloss, you should choose sprays that do not leave marks, are durable, and do not contaminate clothing. You should definitely add body polishes that moisturize the skin and make it look brighter to your list.

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