DisChem Specials 19 May – 19 June 2022

HOT Winter Buys has begun on DisChem Specials 19 May 2022! A wide range of cosmetics with savings up to %20 can be browsable on this DisChem Catalogue. You should browse this leaflet and find your essentials at low prices. Here u go!

DisChem Specials 19 May 2022;

We have prepared great tips for those who are curious about practical and natural solutions for personal care and beauty secrets at home with DisChem Winter Specials. It is a well-known fact that beauty salons are the only places where women take time for themselves. In such a case, they can say hello to miracles at home. And thanks to the little beauty secrets, this will be quite easy!

For soft skin:

By pouring bath oil into a tub filled with warm water, you will both relax yourself and soften your skin.

For smooth skin:

After enjoying in the tub, you can make it smoother by rubbing the knees, heels and elbows when you get out of the tub.

For moist skin:

You can massage the areas of your body that you have difficulty in care with a moisturizing cream. In this way, the care of those areas will not be skipped and you will have a softer skin. Just like ankles. If you are looking for a good moisturizers, you should check out Dis-Chem Catalogue and get the best at low prices!

Foot care:

You can take care of your feet by massaging the cream enriched with fruit acids from the heel to the toes and wearing cotton socks. With this application, while the permanence of your pedicure will be extended, you will also soften your heels. A wide range of foot care products can be browsable in Dis-Chem store. Their products are pretty useful! View them!

Facial cleansing:

With a cleanser suitable for your skin, massage your face in circular motions from bottom to top as recommended by a specialist, and then rinse with warm water. Facial cleansing is very important for skin health. You should care your face regularly. Therefore, you should view skincare products on DisChem Weekly Catalogue and get the best!


Thanks to the regular peeling you will make on your face, you will purify your skin from the dead layer. Thanks to the peeling product suitable for your skin, which you will apply with circular movements from the bottom up and with a slight pressure, you will ensure that your skin is revitalized and illuminated. After massaging your skin with the peeling product that you can spread to the neck area, you can wash your face with warm water and clean it. You can exfoliate once a week.

Mask or serum suitable for your skin:

The use of a mask or serum for the needs of the skin is important for facial care. According to your needs, you can open the clogged pores by using a clay mask, and you can moisturize your skin with water-based masks. It is possible to find many quality masks and serums in DisChem. Visit their stores and buy the best at low prices!

Calm your skin:

You can use intensive skin care cream to calm and soothe the active skin structure after the procedures. These creams will help soften your skin.

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