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OK Furniture Specials 16 – 31 May 2022

Last chance to save with the best brands promotion with OK Furniture Specials 16 May 2022! There are many good deals as seen on tv here. Major appliances, furniture, and many easy to use electronics can be browsable on this OK Furniture Catalogue! ok furniture specials 16 31 may 2022

OK Furniture Specials 16 May 2022

OK Furniture Store always brings you the best specialbuys every week! When you check their catalogue, you will always unbeatable offers on the most popular and useful selections. Many essentials for your home can be browsable on their weekly leaflet and you can make your home fabulous! So let's take a look at their latest specials and have a good shopping! Also, buy on credit to the value of R1999 or more in-store and stand a cance to WIN your share of prizes worth R1620000! You will be entered automatically! Let's visit their offical website and view their fabulous prices! This is also valid until 31 May 2022!

OK Furniture Specials This Week;

  • Hisense 4K Smart LED TV, R15.999 (SAVE R2000)
  • DEFY Twin-Tub Washing Machine, R2599 (SAVE R400)
  • 4-Piece Diamond Lounge Suite, R11.999 (SAVE R1000)
  • Restonic 183cm Health Rest Base Set, R6499 (SAVE R1500)
  • Edblo 152cm Eduze Base Set, R4999 (SAVE R500)
  • Vita Vitafoam 91cm Firm Support Foam Matress, R1299 (SAVE R200)
  • Sealy 152cm Chicago Base Set, R6999
  • 3-Piece Sophia Bedroom Suite, R5999
  • 2-Piece Pomona Bedroom Suite, R1199 (SAVE R1000)
  • Sealy 152cm Clean-Shield Mattress Protector, R599 (SAVE R50)
  • 120cm Orlando Robe, R2999 (SAVE R300)
  • 3-Piece Nappoli Lounge Suite, R7999 (SAVE R1000)
  • 4-Piece Trojan Lounge Suite, R15.999 (SAVE R1000)
  • Monaco Sleeper Couch, R4499 (SAVE R500)
  • 3-Piece Hudson Entertainment Stand, R3699 (SAVE R300)
  • Barcelona TV Stand, R4999 (SAVE R500)
  • 4-Piece Hamilton Wall Unit, R6999 (SAVE R1000)
  • Kindred Coffee Table Set, R1799 (SAVE R200)
  • Norbit Coffee Table, R1999 (SAVE R200)
  • 3-Piece Odessa Kitchen Scheme, R4499 (SAVE R500)
  • 3-Piece Miami Kitchen Scheme, R6499 (SAVE R500)
  • Hisense 4K Smart Digital LED TV, R7999 (SAVE R1500)
  • Samsung Full HD Smart LED TV, R3499 (SAVE R1000)
  • Skyworth 4K Android Smart Digital LED TV, R7999 (SAVE R1500)
  • Amplify Cappella Earphone, R199.99 (SAVE R50)
  • Amplify Note TWS EarPods, R199 (SAVE R50)
  • JVC Portable Radio CD Player, R849 (SAVE R100)
  • Ellies 4-Way Surge Protector, R249.99 (SAVE R50)
  • LG 4.2 Channel DVD High Power Sound Tower, R5999 (SAVE R2000)
  • LG 4.2 Channel DVD Component Hi-Fi, R11.999 (SAVE R2000)
  • Telefunken Home Theatre System, R1799 (SAVE R200)
  • JVC 2.1 Channel Soundbar + Wireless Subwoofer, R1399 (SAVE R200)
  • Blaupunkt Midi Component Hi-Fi, R3999 (SAVE R1000)
  • Sony 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System, R1799 (SAVE R500)
  • Hisense 2.1 Channel CD Mini Hi-Fi, R3699 (SAVE R800)
  • Skyworth 2.1 Channel Soundbar + Wireless Subwoofer, R2299 (SAVE R700)

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Cambridge Food Special 11 – 15 May 2022

Cambridge Food Special 11 May 2022 is of amazing deals such as massive savings and hot deals this week! If you want to check out these special offers, you should take a look at this Cambridge Food Catalogue in detail! Enjoy shopping! cambridge food special 11 15 may 2022

Cambridge Food Special 11 May 2022;

Warm up to massive savings of Cambridge Food this winter! Dozens of discounts and special offers can be browsable on this leaflet. Also, you will encounter Hot Deals for cold weather! This is one of the best places to reduce to cost of shopping this week. Especially, you should focus on their fresh products. There are many natural products and COMBOs here. One of the Combos includes Potatoes 10kg, Onions 3kg, and Butternut 3kg. You can buy all of them R120! Other one contains Carrots 1kg, Potato 1kg, Onion 1kg, and Whole Cabbage. They are only R55! You can check out all of them on the cover page.

Cambridge Food Specials This Week;

  • Rainbow Frozen Mixed Chicken Portions 4.2kg, R149.99
  • Golden Delight Rice 10kg, R99.99
  • Nyala Super Maize Meal 10kg, R79.99
  • Selati White Sugar 10kg, R154.99
  • Apples Pack 3kg each, R26.99
  • Golden Delicious Apple Econo pack 1.5kg each, R19.99
  • Red Apple pack 1kg each, R11.99
  • Family Meat Beef / Chicken Burger, 4 for R40
  • Wellington's Tomato Sauce 700ml each, R22.99
  • Rhodes Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 410g each, R8.99
  • Hazeldene Mixed Fruit Jam 900g, R24.99
  • Rajah Spice Curry Powder Assorted 100g each, R16.99
  • Top Class Soya Mince assorted 500g each, R19.99
  • Trinco Tagless Teabags Pouch 100s each, R19.99
  • Bokomo Corn Flakes 1 kg each, R44.99
  • Fresh Stewing Beef per kg, R86.99
  • Frozen Chicken Bones per kg, R29.99
  • Frozen Beef Kidneys per kg, R34.99
  • Cambridge Food Chicken Polony 2kg each, R54.99
  • Frozen Chicken Feet per kg, R33.99
  • Farm Foods Cake Wheat Flour 10kg, R104.99
  • Selati Brown Sugar 2kg, R29.99
  • Sup R Frozen Chicken Feet 2kg, R44.99
  • Orange Grove UHT Long Life Full Cream Milk 6 x 1l, R74.99
  • Hofina / Nu Dawn Large Eggs 30s each, R58.99
  • Rama 50% Fat Spread for Bread Brick 500g, R14.99
  • Parmalat Low Fat Smooth Yoghurt 6 x 100g, R15.99
  • Spar-Letta Soft Drink assorted 2l each, R15.99
  • Aquelle Flavoured Water Assorted 500ml, R25
  • Fusion Dairy Blend Concentrate 1l assorted, R18
  • Rhodes Juice assorted 1l each, R19.99
  • Bakers Red Label Tennis Biscuits assorted 200g each, R18.99
  • Heno Marie Biscuits 150g each, R6.99
  • Doritos Corn Chips 145g each, R16.99
  • Johnson's Petroleum Jelly assorted 325ml each, R34.99
  • Status Roll-on Assorted 50ml each, R14.99
  • Sta-Soft Fabric Softener Doy Pack Assorted 500ml each, R11.99

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Game Specials 11 – 17 May 2022

Game Specials 11 May 2022 shared the best price and product selections for you among dozens of options. It is possible to find enought discounts for your shopping here. So let's take a look at these products and deals to enjoy shopping! game specials 11 17 may 2022

Game Specials 11 May 2022;

Game Store announced dozens of products with great deals in a single catalogue. You can discover the wide range of products and various deals here and save on your shopping. They also offer you the lowest price guarantee on selected products. Their competitive selling principles make their store a great place to shop. Here you can buy many products from home electronics to grocery products. Check out this Game Store Catalogue now and visit their store for a pleasant shopping experience! Unwrap a big win! Spend R500 or more and stand a chance to win R20.000 Voucher! They will beat any price! For more details about it, you should check out the cover page! By the way, these prices are valid during the selected time period. These prices are valid from 11 May 2022 until 17 May 2022! Hurry up and get these deals! Here u go!

Game Specials This Week;

  • Lenovo S145 Celeron 4GB, R4,989
  • Hisense 50" UHD Smart TV 50A6G, R6,999
  • Hart 10 Pce Aluminium Solid Lid Pot Set SET-J7, R499
  • Defy 4 Solid Plate Stove Compact Black STOVE, R2,999
  • Logik 1.7L Cordless Kettle Red RSH-080442-RED, R149
  • Ryobi 40CC Petrol Chain Saw CS-4016, R1,399
  • Campmaster Flocked Double Airbed And Pump, R329
  • Samsung 32IN HD TV 32N5003, R2,999
  • Aiwa In Ear Headphones AW07, R47
  • Sony Compact Folding On-Ear Aux Headphones, R199
  • JVC Bluetooth Speaker, R399
  • shoX Nitro, R499
  • Furniture Knight Racing Chair, R1,499
  • Mainstay 7 Pce Carbon Steel Non-Stick Pot Set, R349
  • Laundry House 92CM Ironing Board, R169
  • Samsung 488L French Door Refrigerator, R19,999
  • Kenwood Hand Blender HB-510, R299
  • Bennett Read 1.7L Satin Silk Kettle, R399
  • Sunbeam 2in1 Glass Jug Blender, R479
  • Sunbeam Oscillating Fan Heater, R349
  • Alva Convection Heater Metallic Grey, R749
  • Raleigh 20" Blaster 7SP MTB 20in SABRE 7sp MTB, R1,299
  • Trojan Spin 120 Spinning Bike, R2,699
  • Stramm 3000W Blower Vac, R449

Game Store Grocery Specials;

  • Dawn Body Lotion TROPICAL CREA 400ml, R17.99
  • Twinsaver Roller Towels Mighty Big Classic White, R19.99
  • Twinsaver Twin Ply MiniToilet Paper White 9 Pack, R49.99
  • Mr Sheen Dishwasher Tablets 48's, R129.99
  • Cobra Tile Cleaner Lavender 750 ML, R29.99
  • Miami Hot Vegetable Atchar 400 G, R25.99
  • Ultramel Vanilla Custard 1 L, R21.99
  • Bokomo Otees Bubblegum Cereal 375 G, R37.99
  • Joko Tagless Teabags 100 Pack, R35.99
  • Laager Rooibos Tagless Teabags 80 Pack, R33.99
  • Nestle Nescafe Cappuccino Unsweetened 10 Pk, R51.99
  • Rhodes 100% Fruit Juice Berry 6pk 200 ML, R29.99
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