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Shoprite Specials Christmas Savings 09 December 2019

Unbeatable Christmas special prices are available on Shoprite Specials Christmas Savings 09 December 2019! There are many products from many basic food sources to personal care products in this Shoprite Catalogue! If you’re looking for a place to shop weekly, you’re right address! You will see super fresh and high-quality selections at the lowest prices for Christmas! You should hurry up because these unbeatable prices are valid until 15 December 2019! Also, there are special offers for multiple purchases in this catalog. For example; when you buy Selati White Sugar, White Star Maize Meal and Spekko Long Grain Parboiled Rice, you will pay only R250 for 3 of them!

shoprite specials christmas savings 09 december 2019

Also, you have a good chance to win R50.000 every hour in Shoprite! Get an entry every time you spend R100 or buy a participating brand. And stand a chance to win R50.000! This deal is valid until 24 December 2019. Here you go!

Products & Prices From Shoprite Specials Christmas Savings 09 December 2019;

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Makro Specials Philips Catalogue 09 December 2019

Time to discover awesome product range of Makro Specials Philips Catalogue 09 December 2019! Dozens of useful items are waiting for you! In this article, you will see some information about Philips Automatic Coffee Machine! It is on sale with savings up to R1000! Check it out!  Enjoy the flavor and aroma of coffee that can be prepared with fresh beans at perfect temperature thanks to the intelligent brewing system. With the classic milk frother, you can easily prepare soft cappuccino or latte macchiato. The Classic Milk Frother allows you to easily prepare soft milk froth for your cappuccinos by distributing steam. In addition, the Classic Milk Frother, consisting of only two parts so you can easily clean it.

makro specials philips catalogue 09 december 2019

Philips Automatic Coffee Machine From Makro Specials Philips Catalogue 09 December 2019;

Easily select your coffee with an intuitive touch screen

Reach the irresistible taste and aroma of coffee made from fresh beans with a single touch! Its intuitive touch screen allows you to easily select your favorite coffee.

With My Coffee Choice you can adjust the aroma hardness and the amount of coffee

Set the hardness and quantity of your beverage with the My Coffee Choice menu. Easily choose from three different settings to suit your preferences.

12-step grinder setting ranging from fine to thick

You can set the durable ceramic grinding in 12 steps. So you can grind your coffee beans in different ways, from ultra-fine powder to thick particles.

Excellent temperature, aroma, and cream in every glass

The intelligent Aroma Extract system allows you to enjoy exquisite coffees, keeping the water temperature between 90 and 98 ° C, adjusting the water flow rate to achieve an optimal balance between brewing temperature and aroma extraction.

20,000 cups of premium quality coffee with Durable ceramic grinders

The grinders are made of 100% pure ceramics: enjoy at least 20,000 cups of fresh, aromatic coffee with these extremely hard and delicate grinders.

Aroma sealing keeps your coffee beans fresh longer

The new Aroma sealing feature protects your favorite coffee beans and reduces their grinder noise while maintaining their original aroma over time.

Brew up to 5,000 cups of coffee without the need for descaling with AquaClean

The patented AquaClean water filter allows you to make the most of your fully automatic coffee machine. When you change the filter during machine requests, you can brew up to 5000 * cups of coffee and enjoy clean, purified water without the need to remove lime from your machine. When the AquaClean coffee machine installs, the descaling notification alarm automatically activates.

Easy to clean thanks to the fully removable brewing group

The brewing group is the most important part of all fully automatic coffee machines and should be cleaned regularly. The removable brewing assembly can be completely cleaned by rinsing under tap water.

Automatic descaling for your convenience

It is easy to clean and maintain your coffee machine thanks to the automatic program that informs you when you need to make lime cleaning. You can set the frequency of this procedure to match the hardness of the water in your home.

Dishwasher safe parts for your convenience

LatteGo (or Classic Milk frother), drip tray and coffee grinder can be washed in the dishwasher; offers you convenience by saving time and providing hygienic cleaning.

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Game Specials Travel Luggage Catalogue 09 December 2019

Many special products for Festive Season are available on Game Specials Travel Luggage Catalogue 09 December 2019! Enjoy traveling with useful and high-quality travel luggage and bags! In this article, you will see some information about Bag & luggage selection for travel and products from Game Specials Travel Luggage Catalogue 09 December 2019! Today, traveling has become indispensable for people. Thousands of people change position every day for many reasons, both for business and for holidays. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when traveling is to pack and prepare suitcases.

game specials travel luggage catalogue 09 december 2019

Game Catalogue Travel Luggage Specials 09 December 2019;

The Difference of Backpacks from Suitcases

Suitcases can sometimes be quite heavy for people both in terms of transportation and size. For this reason, companies have issued special backpacks for frequent travelers. Although the carrying capacity of the suitcases is high, they themselves are very heavy and can cause problems especially for those who use the airway for travel. The average cost of airline companies is about 15 kg. Heavy suitcases may cause this kilogram capacity to be exceeded.

Features of Travel Backpacks

Travel backpacks are often used on trips and are ideal for carrying clothes and similar items. They are of medium size and generally have a carrying capacity of 5-10 kilograms. These bags will also have deformations when fifty percent or more of their capacity is placed and the conditions for the person’s back health are negative. They have ergonomic structures suitable for the specified load capacity.

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Makro Specials Tevo Catalogue 9 December 2019

Makro Specials Tevo Catalogue 9 December 2019 is available to check out now! Some remote-controlled vehicles and hobby products are waiting to be discovered on this awesome Makro Catalogue! You will see Radio Control Car, Raptor Drone, Enduro Drone, Splodge Ball, slimes, and speaker when you look at Makro Specials Tevo Catalogue 9 December 2019! My favorite product is Shox Enduro Drone. It has a 480P Camera. It has a range of 60 meters and can stay in the air for 40 minutes! Moreover, when you buy it at R1499, you will save up to R200! If you are interested in drones, I recommend that you should read the following article! Here you go!

makro specials tevo catalogue 9 december 2019

What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Drone

An activity that requires experience and knowledge to fly a drone. As with drone piloting courses, you can also learn by trial and error by buying a cheap drone yourself. During this time, it is necessary to take into account that you will drop the drone abundantly. Drone brands and models ranging from 50 USD to 5000 USD can sometimes be so confusing that if you are not sure how and for what purpose you will use the drone, things are going crazy. However, if you know the most basic features to look at, maybe it will take a few minutes to decide. So what should we look at?

Which purpose will you fly a drone?

You may want to take photos or videos with an integrated or added camera, as well as those who fly the drone just for fun. Or you can participate in drone races that are becoming a sport. The drone you buy for each one has different features. Let’s summarize briefly:

For entertainment: If you’re getting a drone just to have a pleasant time as you fly a kite, you can opt for models that do not include integrated cameras, spare parts are cheap and easily accessible. For example, Hubsan X4, Syma X5HC or Syma X8G are the most affordable options.

For photo or video shooting: The aim of the majority of Drone users is to shoot and make video the largest class. The most important issue here is the built-in GPS system, so you should opt for a self-reversing model. DJI Spark or Phantom 3 Standard, Yuneec Typhoon H or Autel X-Star are some of the models you can buy for this purpose.

For drone races: If you are going to buy a drone for a purpose like this, you have probably flown enough drones before, and you are familiar with the subject. TBS Vendetta, ImmersionRC Vortex 285 can fly at very high speeds, maneuverable devices are ideal for you.

Flight Time and Battery Life

It’s actually the same thing because a drone can stay in the air for the lifetime of the battery. The flight time of the models on the market generally varies between 7-50 minutes and as the price increases, the flight time generally increases. You should definitely compare the flight times between the drone models you can choose according to your intended use.


We have stated that the prices of the drone are now very affordable, but there is another important issue to consider when setting a budget. Let’s say you have allocated R500 budget, looked at models at that level and liked one. But it doesn’t work there. You’ll want a spare battery, you’ll want a quick charger, you’ll want to buy a spare propeller, etc. etc… So we recommend you; No matter what budget you allocate to buy a drone, choose from models that are slightly below the budget you set. So that you can keep enough money for spare parts.

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Dischem Specials Celebrate Festive Savings 06 December 2019

Celebrate Festive Savings with Dischem Specials Celebrate Festive Savings 06 December 2019! Dischem is waiting for you with attractive gift options in dozens of world-famous brands with Christmas cosmetic discounts. Dischem offers you many advantageous opportunities in world-famous brands in many cosmetic products from perfume to make-up, skincare, and hair care. Make your Christmas gifts from cosmetics. Dischem will be your first choice in cosmetics with stunning discounts for each year. Their gift options for all budgets in the new year! Dischem Specials Celebrate Festive Savings 06 December 2019 will be your first choice with discounts, gift deals, and campaigns in many brands special for Christmas cosmetic discounts. Don’t make your Christmas shopping without visiting Dischem.

dischem specials celebrate festive savings 06 december 2019

This Dischem Catalogue has a lot of categories such as “Best Buys“, “Luxury“, “Savings“, “Scentsatinal“, “Fragrances“, “Big Brands“, “Pamper Perfect” and many more! You should browse all pages and enjoy Festive Savings!

Some Products From Dischem Specials Celebrate Festive Savings 06 December 2019;


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