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Welcome to Checkers Specials! As you know, Checkers offers awesome products and services in both quality and lower prices. Therefore, among the specials we browse, Checkers will also take place. They have been in existence for 63 years and is one of the best retailers in South Africa with its work experience and customer satisfaction. Checkers regularly share the most exclusive and popular products in their specials every week. We review their catalogue for you and give you all the details for you.Checkers Specials

Checkers Catalog is easy to view here. You do not need to enter any information or become a member. All you need to do is to advance the pages and check the products. Many products are available in their catalogue. Food, Drinks, Household, Health & Beauty, Baby, Sport, Outdoor, Pets, Toys, Electronics, Clothing, and Footwear can be browsable on their weekly specials. Therefore, before you go shopping, you must visit category page of Checkers and find your essentials at low price!

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This is the best place to find the best offers, product reviews and the latest news from Builders Warehouse Specials! Every time a new catalog is released, you will receive the most critical information about it. You’ll be sure to have all the arguments you need for the best shopping! As you know, Builders Warehouse Specials is one of the most important construction markets in South Africa. And it may not be easy to follow their opportunities. Enjoy learning all deals of Builders Warehouse Catalogue from a single address!Builders Warehouse Specials

Builders Warehouse is one of the biggest retailers in South Africa which sells electrical, paint, DIY, building materials, decors and many more. What makes them the biggest is not only their rich variety of products. Many factors support them to be a great store. Most important of all is that they offer great products and prices. They determine the price-product balance well and offer great service to their customers.

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You don’t have to go around all the stores to find out the price of a single product! You can easily learn the lowest prices in the stores, the most up-to-date deals, and many basic savings plans. Don’t forget to visit here on special occasions like Christmas, Black Friday and Easter! Because brands offer more options to reduce to cost of shopping than ever before. Our mission is to announce to you these wonderful opportunities. You’ll be aware of all the benefits in one place!

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What is Dipliner? How to Apply Dipliner? SuperExtend Black Eyeliner Pen

Today’s topic is SuperExtend Black Eyeliner Pen and all confusion ends in this article: what is dipliner? How to use? What is the difference between dipliner and eyeliner? Also, you will come across some product on Avon Brochure September 2019. If you are ready let’s begin!

What the dipliner works for can be an enigma for you, and you might even think what the difference is from the eyeliner. Although there is no apparent difference; in this article, what is the dipliner, what it works for, how it is used, and how the difference between them with eyeliner are explained one by one. Keep reading for the best eyeliner recommendations.
What is dipliner?

A dipliner, classic or colored eyeliner, an eye make-up product that is used to highlight the lash bottoms. Dipliner often becomes liquid products and have a sharp felt tip, thus providing ease of application. The sharp and pointed tip is among the popular makeup materials because it provides convenience to even the most novice ones, but there is not such a big difference between the dipliner and the eyeliner.

What is the difference between a dipliner and an eyeliner?

Dipliner make-up product, both liquid and pointed felt tip is much easier application than eyeliner, as we said. The tip is a bit sharper than the eyeliner to the bottom of the eyelashes to draw a thin line.
Dipliner is more preferred by beginners especially in the field of eyeliner. You can use a dipliner if you want to make your eyelashes clearer instead of pulling a tailed eyeliner. You can also shoot a tailed eyeliner with a dipliner, which makes it very easy to work with its sharp tip.
How is it applied dipliner?

The way the dipliner is applied is no different from that of the eyeliner. If you have already mastered this job, you can draw a perfect line with a tail without any hardship in the pen eyeliner, gel eyeliner, and liquid eyeliner.

The only thing you need to pay attention to when applying dipliner is your eye shape. After knowing eyeliner application tactics according to eye shape. Believe us, the rest is extremely easy. Start by shaking your dipliner, so you’ll get a much more opaque result. Then you can combine it by drawing lines from the eye springs out of the eye at one time or piece by piece, it’s that simple!
If your eyes are almond-shaped, you can make a small tail up outside your eye. If you have wide-set eyes, you can start from the inner part of the tear trough. Even if you have close-set eyes, you can balance this view by starting more remotely.

Now that you know what the dipliner is, you can experience it using the AVON True Color SuperExtend Black Eyeliner Pen. You can check out this product on page 85 of Avon Brochure September 2019.

Learn Eye Type and Choose Makeup with Avon Brochure September 2019

Today’s topic is Eye Type and makeup tips with helping products of Avon Brochure September 2019. Each woman’s eye shape is different; this is why the same makeup style looks different in everyone. Then learn your eye type, makeup according to your eye shape!

If you know how your eye shape is, it’s easy to make up. Because everyone’s eye shape is different according to the makeup technique. Remember, even if you’ve done the most beautiful makeup in the world, if it doesn’t suit you, you might not look nice at all.
We have separated the eye shapes in detail and wrote down the tricks. Whichever type you want to learn; After reading our article, find your type by looking in the mirror. If you know your eye shape now, here’s what you need to do for your eye shape …

Close Set Eyes:

Those whose eyes are close to each other should apply light eyeshadow to the tear trough and thicken the outer corners of the eye and apply the headlight to the sides. At the same time, they should separate the middle part of the eyebrows. Thus, they can show their eyes in a balanced way. The AVON Mark Epic Intense Eyeshadow Mini Palette’s Holi-Daze option is a great palette for this, it’s also practical and convenient to carry in the bag.

Are your eyes close? Like Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Stewart or Lea Michele? Also, these world-famous’ eyes are close to each other. Wide Set Eyes: If you have distant eyes, you can apply dark pencils and eyeshadows to the inside of the eyelid. You can apply a light eyeshadows to the outside of the eye. So you can make your eyes look closer. For this, I can offer you the Pretty and Flirty color of the AVON Mark Epic Intense Eyeshadow Mini Palette. Miranda Kerr, like Amanda Seyfried, if you have a long-distance between your eyes, you have eyes that are far from each other. You can balance this look with makeup. Monolid Eyes: People with monolid eyes can enlarge their eye structure if they paint deep of their eyelashes and distribute it in a ‘smoky’ way.

Hooded Eyes:

According to the shape of the eye, the most important group in the makeup is the people who have hooded eyes at the beginning. People with hooded eyes should not make too much-shaded makeup, should prefer light and bright colors in their eyes. They should not use dark colors on the entire eyelid.
Think of two of the world’s most beautiful stars, such as Diane Kruger and Keira Knightley … Their eye shapes are the trough and they always look incredibly beautiful. Do you think that’s a coincidence? Of course not! They just know how to do makeup.

Deep Set Eyes:

People with low eyelids should use the classic lift technique for eye makeup. They should show the outer edges of the eyes, slightly upward. In other words, they can make the edges of the eyes darker without very lightening the eyebrows. They shouldn’t think of a line between the eyebrow and the eyebrow and drop the eyeshadow down here.
Eye makeup is very important for women with low eyelids. There are a few tricks to watch out for. Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence also has low eyelids and always make-up accordingly.

Protruding Eyes:

One of the most ideal eye structures. What should not be done with this type of eye: bright colors are not applied to the eyelid. Instead, the eye should be pushed back with medium or dark tones. Thick eyeliner, thick pencil attracts this eye type.

Upturned Eyes:

Persons with such eyes should not remove the eyeshadows from the eyelids. They should only shade the center of the eyelid and crease area. It shows the eyes round.

Downturned Eyes:

Without over-painting the lower outer corner of the eye, they can follow the lash line at the top of the eye and make a gradient make-up. In the corners of the eye, you can pull the eye up with a pencil or eyeliner. Have you ever noticed the eyes of Katie Holmes, one of the most beautiful women in the world, Camilla Belle and Blake Lively, a real icon? If not, look carefully at the photos. If you have eye shape like these celebrities, you have downward eyes.

Almond Eyes:

Eye shape is the most ideal eye shape in makeup. Makeup artists love to make up this type of eyes! Almond eyes can do any makeup.

For all these makeup types, we recommend AVON’s Mark Epic Intense Eyeshadow Mini Palettes, True Color Eyeshadow Quad Palettes and Mark The Big Skinny Waterproof Precision Kohl Eyeliner.